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My Life With The Thrill Kill Ska by Shane Epting

Cool review our homie Shane did after the Take II show w/ Subrosa Union! Thanks so much!

I quit writing for Harder Beat when I moved to El Paso. Sigh. But it was a non-denominational blessing. Bored I was. Bored of what you ask? I was bored of spanking out reviews of bands that spanked out CDs that were, well, boring. Tonight, however, SU & LC reminded me why I was started loving music instead of liking it.

Liquid Cheese and I go way back, back when I had dreads. We've had an on-again-off-again relationship. I come back because the sex is great. And by "sex," I mean "music."

Haven't seen them in years, since Bad Shawn & J.M.V were in the band. Tonight was long overdue. So, to end this preface before I end up rambling on like a drunk Irish man after last call, I'm gonna do an old-school show review, hell, just because I miss doing it.

Subrosa Union, who are from El Paso but now live in Austin, which somehow makes them from Austin (I suppose) kicked the show off to a decent-sized sea of jailbait and old-school fans. Their mix of rock and reggae proves why SU are making a name in town with more bands than scabies on a Polish prostitute. If these guys had a home on your FM radio dial, the radio would suck less. Fingers crossed. Although they were opening, fans championed for an encore. Out of professional courtesy, however, they gave the right-of-way to Liquid Cheese.

Cheese took the stage kicking out jams, of both the new and old school varieties. Despite changing band members more often than Hugh Hefner changes diapers, these Ska-tuned troubadours remain authentic. Singer and mad horn master, Sam Sullivan remains the front-man force, but his younger brother, Danny, is slowly staggering in his Guinness soaked footsteps. During their set, random members of SU joined the show for impromptu madness, kicking more ass than a donkey on angel dust. The show ended with a. . .conga line? Rock, indeed.