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The KURTS' Purples / Blog



the story

All actions have consequences, intended or unintended. Many great scientific breakthroughs have come by accident. After over thirty years of Research in the Science of Human Sleep and Dreaming (S&D), K | L | S Chief Researcher, Sahl Mann, stumbled onto an anomaly and a bit of unexpected good fortune. Seems of his 29,255 past and 3,013 current Study Participants, nothing like this has ever happened. Most people dream in black and white or full color, but it seems only one Study Participants dreams in all shades of purple. For reasons not fully understood, these ‘purpled’ dream-signals allow researchers at K | L | S to get a special ‘psycho plastic band of frequencies’ (i.e. referred to as a ‘p-signal’) that is then interfaced with a DB O20FZ; giving them both audio and video feeds of these captured dream waves. In other words, researchers can see and hear this KURTS’ dreams. Please note: S&D Researchers commonly refer to all anonymous study-participants as ‘KURTS’ or just ‘KURT’ ; acronym meaning Kind Unconscious Research Test-Subject(s). All KURTS remain anonymous due to research and medical protocols. Initially to increase funding for S&D Research, Chief Mann, K | L | S , and ‘The anonymous KURT’ banded together with Executive Producer, Anne Kay of DVTV and formed PARABOLIS Inc. to exploit “The KURTS’ Purples” and further their research into the social realm. This story is not only about how we allowed people to hear and see The KURTS’ dreams, but also about the implications and unintended consequences of such a technological adventure. A streaming body of content seven years long is the cause of this popularity and powerful unconscious influence. The poet does the prophet’s deeds ; In times of need and suffering rampant, With past heroes he rallies the present’s hosts The future opens before his eyes, Its pictured hopes he prophesies. Ever his people’s forces vernal,,, The poet frees by right eternal

,, Introduction

I dreamed far more than e’re I lived; And even less I sang. To be where life’s battle calls For me was more than all My pen on page could capture. What’s true and strong has growing-room, And will perhaps eternal bloom Red, white and blue With purple dream’s salvation. And he will be, who least it planned. But in life’s surge he dared to stand, Patriotic to his nation.

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