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Mic Checks Top 10 Rules To Becoming A Real Emcee

Mic Checks Rules To Being A Real Emcee

1:Be Humble, Don’t Be Cocky, Hard Or Think Your Better Then Everyone Else Because The More You Think This The Harder You Will Fall Off, Know You Got Talent & Use It To Make Better Music But Not To Be Better Then The Rest.

2:Be Original, Make Music About Things You Do Or Experience In Life, Don’t Rap About Things You Never Done ”Being Gangster” Or “Selling Drugs” If You Don’t Do Or Act These Ways Every Day Then Your Not Being True As Artist When You Write About It.

3:Own Style, Try To Come Up With Your Own Style Of Making Music, Being Unique Will Separate You From Who You Are As A Artist & The Other Thousands Of People Out There Trying To Rap What Makes You So Special, What Makes You Stand Out From The Rest Of Them, Try To Set Your Own Trend By Either Sticking To A Certain Few Producers Or Having A Catch Phrase Everyone Knows You By Exp - “Yoaw - Joel Ortiz” Or “Jay Z – Uhhh”

4: Be Creative, Being Creative Is Really Important Because Almost All Artist In The Game Right Now Are Stuck On The Same Shit And Never Change From Album To Album, Come Out With Different Concepts For Songs, Change Your Rhyme Schemes & Flows. Make Story Telling Songs, Use Emotion In Your Voice Make People Hear The Pain You Went Through Or Joy Your Having.

5: Have Fun, Simple & Easy If Your Not Making Music Because Its What You Love Doing Then What Are You Making It For?? Theres To Many People Rapping Now Simply Because They Think It’s A Game & There Going To Make It To The Top Just Like That. Trying To Diss Your Way To The Top, Remember Your Not 50 Cent It Doesn’t Work For Everyone Pretty Much Just 50.

6: Respect, You Need To Have Respect for Hip Hop & Artists That Came Before You, Respecting Anyone Who’s Making Music Whether They “Suck” Or Just Nasty & You Get Jealous You Need To Show Respect, If Done Correct You Will Get The Respect Back.

7: Stay Consistent, If You Have Fans You Want To Keep Them That Means Having New Music Coming Out Every Few Months, A New Album Or Mixtape Every Year, Videos, Shows What Ever It Make Be To Keep Your Name Out. There Always Have The Mind Set To Out Do Your Last Mixtape Or Song This Shows Your Growing As A Artist & Staying In The Lime Light Will Be Easier.

8: Rap Name, This Is Very Important And For Many The First Impression A Fan Will Have On A Artist Is There Rap Name. Some Fans Wont Even Take You Serious If You Have A Wack Emcee Name For Exp – Lil Skeet Skeet Forget All That “Lil, Young, Big Shit Emcees Put In There Rap Names Its All Played Out. The Best Ways To Come Up With A Good Emcee Name Is To Come With Something Original & Possibly A Spin Off Your Own Name Exp – eMineM Comes From Marshal Mathers His Own Initials Creative!

9: Close Circle, Keeping A Close Circle Of People You Rap With Or Your (CREW) As To Witch May Be Your Main People You Work With On A Daily Basis, You Simply Cant Trust Everybody So Keep The Circle As Tight As Possible. These Emcees Will Be The People Who Will Have Your Back When Shit Gets Hectic.

10. Plan B, Having A Back Up Plan Is A Must Because Chances Are You Do Or Go Anywhere With Your Music Are Very Slim & Pretty Much Relies On Luck Or Knowing Somebody These Days Rappers Just Don’t Make It On Skills Anymore So Having A Back Up Like Going To School For Something Close To Music Or Being A Producer Are Great Ideas!