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So, heres the deal. YEA I write and play music, but I don't want to talk about that right now. I've got a few questions that are itching away at the back of my head and I need to ask them for three reasons 1) They don't make anything remotely close to sense 2) It's not good to bottle up and 3) Maybe I need to make the switch to head and shoulders.

First order of business, who is the guy who invented the shamwow, he's both a genius, because of the absorbent technology, and not the greatest spokesman shopper in the world. If Im going to clean my carpet/car/dog I want to be able to sit around and tell tales from the old country with the salesman, and I feel like that only thing I would get from Vince is an empty wallet and maybe a cocaine addiction.

The food pyramid is fucked! You eat a hamburger and its one thing, you make it a cheeseburger and your closer to a heart attack than a balanced pyramid.

The last thing isn't really a question its more like a quest: How long is it going to take before dogs evolve enough to talk to people. Am I the only one that watches Dr. Dolittle and sees the future? Man's best friend has probably got some shit to say and I have a feeling that the majority of bulldogs are ripshit about something...just look at them.