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I have always had a love of music; that is to say any considered music. I may not like all the music I come across, but I can honestly say I gve it ALL a try at least twice. My reason for breinging this up is because I had this conversation with some friends about where my music is heading. I always sang gospel and r&b because that is what was expected, and in some cases accepted of me. However, as I grew older/wiser I realized that I felt sufficated, so I tried some pop/dance music. People loved. SOme people said "I love the song , but this does not like something that would come from you." I went back and forth with myself for a while and I spoke with a lot friends. The conclusion that I came up with is that I need to change my image. The thing is that I always convinced myself that my music will speak for itself....which it does, but I guess I have to accept that music is not just about music anymore. This is the point of my blog.....I felt musically CONFUSED for so long because there was/is so much I want to say and do and explore, but I gues because of my "look" I was pre-categorized. I am now understanding that i am simply an ECLECTIC listener and creator of music, and because of this understanding I can now say "srew you (society) and you category, I AM MY OWN CATAGORY" lol