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Alien 8 makes press

"Alien 8 Invades Punk Rock"- Alien 8 considers themselves “the hardest working band that is unsigned.” They might not be that far from the truth. They’ve worked tirelessly to build reputation, record music, and set up an East Coast Summer tour. Boston based Alien8 draws from the styles of Green Day and Blink-182. The band is currently working on a DEMO release in which the guitar track "Blueballs", is a must listen to when it is mastered. Falling Shark Records will also be heading into the studio with them, and it wouldn't be surprising if Alien 8 is the next locally signed Punk Rock band out of Boston, MA. (posted by: Decibel Music Blog)

Demo! 8 Days...

Yes the time has come people. We are in the studio next Friday and Saturday (Nov. 6th +7th) to record our demo "Blueballs".