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New Jim Crow Blues Liner Notes and Lyrics

All guitars: Al-Vis All vocals: Al-Vis Bass guitar: Al-Vis Percussion: Andrew James Hughes Written by Al-Vis Produced and Engineered by Andrew James Hughes (c)2016 Artist Group Music All rights reserved Narrative: The song follows a family through three generations, from the Jim Crow South to the current unrest with the Flint Water Crisis, Black Lives Matter movement, voter disenfranchisement, funding for inner city schools and on and on.


The Leaving FAQ

The Leaving FAQ

Why did you decide to make this available online? And why wasn't Road Construction online?

Road Construction was my first official recording under my own name. I didn't feel the need to charge for it online. I did have a couple of hundred copies printed, most of which I sold out over the past few years. But I did finally post it online, on my Reverb Nation site, for free.

However, when I first started performing "The Leaving" the response was much more enthusiastic than any of my other originals. I just want the sales of it to be recorded, not really interest in making money off of it. By making it available for sale online I can guage its sales (and have them recognized just in case it does hit).

Is it autobiographical?

No. Road Construction described a very real situation and most of my originals are deeply personal. "The Leaving" is simply my take on a phenomenon I see a lot these days, people wondering "At what point do I leave?"

Why did you wait all these years to write and record again?

A few reasons, but the main one is that I had some unexpected down time after a couple of acts I was in ended suddenly. I decided to use the time (and the emotional energy) to write more, and I have several songs written I'd like to record from this period.

Who is "Kat" and why Kat 'n' Al?

"Kat" is Kathy Monahan, a supremely talented singer (and as it turns out, songwriter, watch for some of those) whom I met last year. It was too late to book us for the summer season but our duo performances (mostly covers, shore-area standards) were so warmly received that I decided to forgo my other projects and focus on this duo for now.

Kathy had only moved back to this area for a year or so when I met her. She was singing freelance with the Brue Crew and was looking for an act that would feature her voice- and it was magic from the start. After one early performance at The Wonder Bar our Facebook page shot up over 50 likes in one day.

What is next for Al-Vis and Kat 'n' Al?

I am running a monthly showcase at Espresso Joe's in Keyport on the 2nd Sunday of each month, featuring the best of the best local acts I have been enjoying or been associated with.

And Kat 'n' Al want to continue to record and perform everywhere we can- watch for us in 2014!

Who are the others on "The Leaving"?

Danny Coleman plays drums, and I performed with him in the Kim Yarson Band, among others. He has a hit radio show on Sunday nights on HamiltonRadio.net and other stations called "Rock On! Radio."

Cook Smith is my long time friend (we first met in our high school's music scene back in Neptune Twp), and he produced the song at his studio L.A. East.

The Leaving recording info

The Leaving

Composer: Al-Vis Recorded by Kat 'n' Al

Danny Coleman: drums Kathy Monahan: vocals Al-Vis: All guitars, vocals Cook Smith: Producer

Recorded at L.A. East Studio November 2013

(c) 2013 AlvisRocks.com All rights reserved




You stood there in the doorway While I was walking away A tear running down your face On that fateful day

But I just kept on walking Heading towards the sun Trying not to think about What was said and done

Now its all over but The Leaving So I'll be on my way I've cried all the tears and I've said all I could Now there's nothing left to say

Better to leave two hearts grieving Than to live out one big lie Though you know I'll love you Until the day I die

I stood there in the doorway And watched you walk away Tears running down my face As we had our final say

20 years of memories 2 children both grown Trying not to think about Being on my own

Now its all over but The Leaving So go be on your way I've don everything I could To try to make you stay

Still can't help but believing It didn't have to end this way Though you know I'll love you Until my dying day

Now I sit along in lonely room As the sun is going down And I wonder if it had been different If I had turned around

Sometimes the hardest part of living Is living with memories And the hardest part of loving Is knowing when to leave

Now its all over but The Leaving So I'll be on my way I've cried all the tears and said all I could There's nothing left to say

Better to leave two hearts grieving Than to live out one big lie Though you know I'll love you Until the day I die

Yeah its all over but the leaving Its all over but the leaving

From my WordPress blog: Because There Seems To Be Some Confusion

"Anyone who knows me knows I will reason with ANYONE. I will bend over backwards to hear and take into account your side of the story. But don't treat me like shit and expect me not to tell people how you treated me....:

More at: http://wp.me/p1ufUn-4a

A note about the Spring Libutti/Lovelle clips.

A note about the Spring Libutti/Lovelle clips.

I have had some clips of my work with Spring (as she was known when I performed with her) clips up on YouTube for some time now.

Recently someone (I have not been able to determine exactly who but I am fairly certain it was Spring herself) has been flagging some of these clips as innapropriate, and even flagged them for privacy violation.

Pls be aware that these are my clips, of my performances with this singer, and I have never been told that I could not post them. Spring knew I had clips of us when our split came about in 2007 and she never said a word to me about what could and couldn't be posted. There is nothing private or innappropriate about any of them, or anything posted here.

If anyone has a problem with anything I post I am requesting that you contact me here, or by email (which is prominently displayed throughout my main site at AlvisRocks.com). To try to have them flagged as innappropriate in any way without contacting me first will be considered a direct attact on myself, my music and my fans and dealt with as such.

The clips are still up there (except for the one flagged as "innapropriate", which has been re-posted to several other sites instead), so feel free to enjoy them -some are posted here also. And thank you for your friendship and for enjoying all of my music over the years- its been a great ride so far, and I aint done quite yet!

11/14/2011 Update: Spring has in fact had ALL of the clips removed. Please see my Spring Lovelle page at AlvisRocks.com for a public statement by me.

Al-Vis Summer 2011

Just a quick note as Summer 2011 kicks off on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend.... The Mike and Al-Vis duo have a good schedule mapped out for this summer of private and public affairs. Our next such public gig will be Sprengel's Garden Bar on Saturday June 18. Before that, you can catch the Patty Tracy Duo (with lots of other great acts) at the Atlantic Highlands Car Show on Saturday June 4 at 2:45 PM. Then later that night Chik-A-Boom makes an appearance at the Dive! in Sea Bright, which features a great staff, plenty of room for shakin' it and great food. That show starts around 10 PM. The next day, Sunday June 19, marks yet another milestone in the career of Al-Vis, as my high-school era rock band NFS reunites publicly for the first time in over 30 years! Presented by Musicians On A Mission, the show will be a benefit for the Trinity Soup Kitchen (which Patty and I have performed for several times over the years) starting at 7 PM at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. Special guests include Patty with her new band and Christine Martucci. Join Mike Jones, Cole Janus, Rick Draper and myself for some great classic rock the way it was done back in the 70s! To prepare for the gig, we have been rehearsing non-stop at a little basement in Sea Girt. Which is fun, but not the best ambience- so to REALLY get us ready for the reunion, Rick, Mike, Cole and Al-Vis will be making a special NFS Preview performance Wednesday June 15 at Sprengel's Garden Bar in Neptune, starting around 8 PM. We'll run thru all of our songs at this hometown venue, just a few blocks up from where we all first met back in 1974! The show is free so come on out and help us get ready- we promise you won't be disappointed! And the following weekend Patty Tracy and I will be performing with our trio (including Chik-a-Boom's Pat Killeen) at D'arcy's in Bradley Beach. This is a fun little neighborhood joint, with great food and a friendly atmosphere. That show starts at around 10 PM. That Sunday Jun 26 Patty Tracy and I bring our trio to the Beach Bar on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, starting at around 7 PM. Also coming up this summer: More Patty Tracy and Mike and Al-Vis performances, and watch for some breaking news about Zara Phillips and Andrew James Hughes. Note: to book Al-Vis with any of these acts just message me here on FB, or you can goto my home page at alvisrocks.com and look to the left for the links for all of my acts. Note note: This time of year I do a lot of private and semi-private (membership-only, such as at the Belmar Fishing Club) peformances. In a typical period over half of my performances with Chik-a-Boom and Mike and Al-Vis are at such events, which I usually don't list on my calendar. To book Mike and Al-Vis or Chik-A-Boom at your wedding, party, bar mitzvah, Rapture or any other private event, see above. And to all my musician and music loving friends, have a great holiday weekend and I'll see you at the gigs!

Exit 2010- Enter 2011

The home stretch- what a year its been!!! My first CD ever- performing with great artists, many of whom I conisder my personal heroes- great gigs such as The Paramount Sessions and getting a Featured Artist spot at the Atlantic Highlands Open Mic. And lots of great times at Vals and the Village Coffee with Cook and Carol. There are no endings, on transitions, as I state in my remarks from the 2008 Clearwater Festival at Asbury Park: http://home.comcast.net/~alvis1515/HelynCW08Tribute.htm And the music continues into 2011- with a great gig New Years Day at West Long Branch Chemical Number One with Chik-A-Boom, and a benefit with Billy's Fault and Timepiece at the Wonder Bar later on that day. Later on in January I will be a featured artist at a series put on by the great songstress Sheli Arrden at the Village Coffee. This is a special monthly singer-songwriter event that Sheli has been putting on. And coming later this week- a collection of Christmas songs, including a re-working of "Let It Snow", which I originally recorded for Spring Libutti's Christmas CD. This version features Kelley Dewkette Loizos and Bobby D'onfrio of Me and Bobby D. and my current singing duo partner Patty Tracy. Watch for it in a few days- just needs a final mix! And watch for a full CD for next Christmas with this talented bunch!!! You can see me at the Belmar Fishing Club with Patty Tracy on Wednesday December 22 (members only but I know a lot of you are members) and the next day at Sprengels in Neptune for their Christmas bash with Mike and Al-Vis. And special congrats to young Scott Sprengel and his new wife Marylin, whose wedding we were privileged to perform at a couple of weeks back. See you at the gigs- or in 2011! Hopefully sooner than later.


Forty years is four decades. When I first picked up a guitar Richard Nixon had just become president. We were still engaged in that “Crazy Asian War”. Civil rights battles were raging in the streets of Newark, Atlanta, and ultimately our own little city of Asbury Park. Growing up in Neptune, I had music all around me. It was in the stores. It was in our car, where my dad used to tune to WJRZ, the country music station out of New York that played Loretta Lynn, George Jones and Tammy Wynette nonstop. In 1965 we took a family trip to Texas, and I still remember a lot of the music that came out of the radio even at that young age! At the 1965 World’s Fair in New York I remember Frank Sinatra’s “It Was A Very Good Year” coming out of one of the exhibits. I grew up with two older sisters, and they played music around the clock. And when they weren’t we were watching TV : “Winston Tastes Good Like a Cigarette Should!” and “Car 54 Where Are You?”. And so over Francis Curto’s house, where I was baby sat when my mother was working, I sang. I sang and sang. I remember her telling my mom:” He’s a good kid but he won’t stop singing! He sings and sings and sings!” At Bradley Park Elementary School in Neptune I was a discipline case. I wouldn’t stop making jokes. Or singing. When we would go to parades I remember being transfixed by the drums: ‘Rrrat tat tat! Rrrat tat tat’. I couldn’t believe my ears. My cousin Jay was a great drummer, though his hands were deformed at birth. He would play rolls and other rhythms with such ease that I couldn’t understand how hands could move that fast. When, around late 1965 or early 1966, my sisters told me that my cousin Marty was going to be on TV I couldn’t believe it! I mean I could believe it- all of my cousins on my dad’s side were great musicians, mostly drummers. I had Marty’s old drums that I banged around from a very early age. The band was called The Cyrkle, and they had a number one hit single, “Red Rubber Ball”. This meant that they were on TV a lot, nearly once a week Read more here: http://home.comcast.net/~alvis1515/DecadesLiner.pdf

Road Construction Info

Recorded at Cook Smith's L.A. East Studio in Loch Arbour and beautifully mixed by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media, it is a heartfelt narrative of a time in my life when moving forwards meant going back, back even to my childhood in Neptune at Bradley Park School, then onto NFS, JP Gotrock, my years with Clearwater, and onwards to my current involvement with Chik-A-Boom and Patty Tracy. Includes full liner notes, so that you can join me in my journey though the past, into a brief detour and onwards towards ??? 1) Road Construction 2) If I Told You (Spring Libutti) 3) Wouldn;t Let Me Say 4) I Don't Know You 5) Don't Stop The Dreamin' (Danny Gallagher) To hear Big Danny's original version of "Don't Stop The Dreamin'" just goto my songs here and click on it. To hear Spring's versions of "If I Told You" you can visit her site at: www.SpringMusic.net and to order Road Construction just drop me an email at alvis1515@comcast.net and I'll send you the info you need. And thanks for spending time here at my Reverb Nation site!

Other blogs of mine

These are just a sampling of the blogs I have posted on MySpace and other sites. If you like what you read, just go to MySpace or Facebook and friend me- some of the blogs dealing with slightly more sensitive issues are private. And I will be posting many more blogs into next year, including some of my work over the last ten years or so and any changes in this situation with "that video". Again thanks so much for taking the time to spend it with me and my music!