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Something soulful this way comes...

Had a great listening session with an old, dear friend. Not only am I ready to lay my vocals on one of the tracks, but I am even more inspired to get back to work on these two monster albums I am currently working on. "From the soul..."

Biscuits in the Oven

Tuesday night, 6 July: Steve Suber (bass guitar) & Leon Daniel (drums & percussion)

2 weeks later: Leon & I will be joined by Ray Baccallao (6-string bass guitar) & Kyren Andrade (electric & acoustic guitars).

Yeah, it's gonna be hot in August!* But, things will get real chill in October...*

Stay tuned, fellow travelers!

Long, Hot Summer

Getting ready to put the finishing touches on the MLCaldwell3 new album, "Souls in Rotation". This is going to be a cosmic urban jazz journey, ya'll. 12 destinations, over an hour of music. Lyrically, it will make you think & laugh. Musically, it will make you feel the depth as much as it makes you shake your hind parts! The songs take you on a journey through the realm of music. While each song is its own experience, the true experience comes from how each one fits into the album. So, I hope you will enjoy it! The official release date is 31 August and you will soon be able to pre-order the album for $12 @ my official website, www.MLCaldwell.com. Until then, why not go there & join the mailing list?!

Continuation, ML