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Another Monday....

Sometimes keeping your chin up is difficult in these hard times. Sometimes it's difficult to turn the other cheek. And sometimes when you think your life just sucks, a tragedy happens to someone else that is beyond fathoming and you realize that your problems are small. Last week a 16 year old boy was hit and killed in an intersection in front of Notre Dame High School which is right down the street from me. The funeral is today. I have two teenage daughters. One in college and one still at home whom I get to wake up every morning. Today there is a mother who is burying her son and my heart is so heavy. She will never get to wake her son up again for school or watch him run track or graduate from high school and college and live a life that he should have been allowed to live. My problems are nothing.

moviedream  (over 7 years ago)

There's no way to understand a situation like that. Why do terrible things happen to people? John F Kennedy said life isn't fair. As a parent, your story just makes me want to hug my kids more everyday.

Lisa O'Kane
Lisa O'Kane  (over 7 years ago)

There is no fairness in the death of a child. JFK lost one himself. Conor's cross country track team ran a meet over the weekend. They not only won, they set several records. The boys on the team felt that Conor was looking down from heaven cheering them on. Can you even imagine?