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I am my skin as much as a chair is a house or a program is the computer that runs it . The depth of my being has yet to be seen so why should i seek and yearn for shallow acknowledgements.As if there was something truly super about the superficial. What I search for is something. Something that can move me. Not the exterior, flawed, broken, human me, but the real me. the me that looks out these windows we call eyes searching for a connection. Rooted in truth Invoking a real Soul Movement.

Valencia "CIA" Rochelle
Valencia "CIA" Rochelle  (about 4 years ago)

the part about you said the real us looking out the window we call eyes... that was deep brother. i LOVE it. i love it!!!

Iron chef ery

When it comes to music there is a certain magic associated with a song/ piece of art being completed. Cause when you look at each part separately all you would see is a melody here, a lyric there and some times something else that just dosnt fit by itself but when you put all those ingredients together you get something special that wasnt there before. Its almost like your on the tv show Iron Chef and you just cooked up your first master piece meal. Thats what song writing is for me. An extention of my personal Iron Chefery lol.