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Jordin Sparks Battlefield Jemix

Don't try to explain I'm fine I know what's happening here One minute i'm saved And suddenly it's like a battle-field

Gods word turns into a war Why is it the holy things that tear us down My world's nothing without you Lord I know that your my shield Can't go back now

Both hands tied behind my back with nothing Oh no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again Satan were not gonna fall for it now The Devil meant to start a war You know that he was tryina hurt you Do you know what we're fighting for

Get ready to enter the battlefield, the battlefield, the battlefield? (x2) Get ready to enter..

Can't swallow our pride, Neither of us wanna raise that flag, mhmm If we can't surrender then we both gonna lose what we had, oh no

Both hands tied behind my back with nothing Oh no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again Satan I don't wanna fall for it now The Devil meant to start a war You know that he was tryina hurt you Do you know what we're fighting for

Get ready to enter the battlefield, the battlefield, the battlefield (x2)

I guess you better go and get your armor, (get your armor) get your armor I guess you better go and get your armor, (get your armor) get your armor I guess you better go and get your...

We can't pretend that we are friends tonight (oh-oh-oh) Joy in the morning we'll wake up and we'll be alright Yes Satan we have to fight Cause I don't want my life to feel like..

A battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield, Get ready to enter the battlefield, the battlefield, the battlefield

I guess you better go and get your armor...

The Devil meant to start a war You know that he was tryina hurt you Do you know what we're fighting for (fighting, fighting for)

the battlefield, the battlefield, the battlefield (x2)

I guess you better go and get your armor, (get your armor) get your armor I guess you better go and get your armor, (get your armor) get your armor

Get ready to enter Get ready to enter The battlefield, the battlefield

The Devil meant to start a war Do you know What we're fighting for

The Devil meant to start a war Do you know What we're fighting for -Lace 2009

An Unlisted Story: Road to Fame Ch 2

They call me a girl. They say I’m like a girl…but they’re jealous, I think to myself while styling my hair in the mirror. Some people just don’t understand that it’s okay for a guy to be a bit obsessive over his hair, but I have the right to be. I’ve worked for this hair for several years, and I’m finally starting to see the results pay off. Girl…screw them. I put down the little brush and pick up the tapered comb. Mmm, it feels so good to be able to use one of these now, a fine-toothed comb. Many black people I meet now, especially the older ones, continuously tell me that I should be ashamed of myself, that I am ashamed of my black heritage. That I shouldn’t be straightening my hair like some girl. Goodness… So many things wrong with that argument. Personally, I think they’re just covetous that I can actually run things through my hair, and they end up breaking combs like these. My hair used to be like that. In fact, worse.

But anyway… Getting ready for band practice is like preparing for work for me, now that I’m in so many bands. But today bears no ordinary practice. Tonight, we leave for our tour. I’ve been doing music (outside my room) for a few years now, but I’ve never made it this far with any of my other bands or projects. Six cities in a week? I’m more than amp’d. Part on the right, swoop to the left. My bangs cover my left eye and hang in sharp locks that dangle below my lips. Black jeans, white tee, open dress shirt, and as many chains as my waist will allow. I drop the hair tools and reach for Mikey, my guitar. I sling the strap over my head, let the neck drop behind my knee, and just stand there, observing the dark, arrogant looking figure in the mirror. Even the voices in my head tell me I look sexy.

…At least that’s what I think they’re saying.

Vmmm, vmmm, my phone vibrates in my pocket. Text from Travis (aka, Stixx). “OMW”, he says. (Trans.: “on my way”.) I reply with a very quick, “Cool,” and drop the phone back in my pocket. I head upstairs from my room in the basement into the kitchen for breakfast, even though it’ 2:15 p.m. A pepperoni hot pocket and a cup of fruit punch—dinner fit for a king. I sit in the living room and wait for him to pull up, watching my little brother playing his video game, thinking about the two guys we’re auditioning today. Rappers…as if there aren’t enough in Baltimore City. I find it funny that it took us this long to replace the last one we had. I close my eyes and lay my head back on the couch while eating. Let’s see…Davon Wych. Hope this guy has a stage name. Gonna stick out if he doesn’t. Anthony Wicks… Man, both these guys need a little octane. I’ve been in this band for a few months now, but I already feel like we’ve known each other for years. We’re like a family. No, really. It’s like roles have been assigned. And I find that…oddly securing. Feels like we’re meant to work together in this way. I just hope these two new dudes don’t screw that up.

Vmmm, vmmm… “I’m outside.”

I grab my guitar bag and my laptop bag and lug my amp toward the front, instructing my brother to “Come close this door. I’m out.” Take my stuff down to the car and put it in Stixx’s back seat. Amp on the seat, axe in the floor. According to tradition, I never speak until I get in the car and sit down.

“What up, big homie?” I drawl.

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An Unlisted Story: Road to Fame Ch 1 Part 1

Davon Wych hesitated a little before knocking on the door of the band’s practice home. He could feel the beads of sweat accumulating on his forehead. He pulled out a cigarette realizing it was the only thing that could stop him from shaking. Davon had time anyway, he was suppose to be there at 3pm and it was 2:50pm. So taking his time, He looked around at the quiet neighborhood. It was something off of “Leave it to Beaver”.. The houses had their own distinct look but were still identical; grass, bushes and trees were everywhere. He could picture a father and son playing catch in the front yard like they did in the movies. He definitely wasn’t in the ‘hood anymore, but this worked for his plan. The blue house before which he stood had a spacious porch, and he took full advantage of it as he paced back and forth getting his lie together. The cigarette was lit and he was engulfed in the smoke which made his racing heart slow down a little and his abnormal breathing to stop. He was ready. He knocked on the door and waited about six minutes. A girl opened the door and greeted him cheerfully.

“Davon?” she asked

“Yea, you can call me Day.”

“Cool.” She smiled. “I’m Lace.”

She stepped back and widened the doorway to let him in. He quickly looked around for a place to put out his cigarette.

“You can put that out in the tray right there” she told him pointing to the already full ashtray.

He found a spot and patted his cigarette down, extinguishing it.

“You can follow me down to the basement” she told him.

Day went through the house behind her and down the steps where he could hear someone practicing what sounded like a guitar. When he had fully descended he saw a strange looking boy, sitting down practicing a song. He had black nail polish, straight hair, spiked bracelets, and black eyeliner. He looked up at Day and met him eye to eye.

“What’s up?” he asked.


“Davon?” Dracc asked, pointing to him while he dropped his guitar to his side.

“Yea. Call me Day though.”

“Will do,” he said. ”I’m Draccnus.” He stood up and Day noticed several chains fall down from the top of his jeans.

“…Draccnus?” He asked.

He laughed. “Yeah.” He was used to that response to his name. “That’s Travis, Gigi, and you met Lace” he nodded to everyone else.

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What the hell "Artist"???

What is up with people and their misguided dreams trying to be in the industry?? If you don't want to work, what are you here for? To try and get quick money? You can't take criticism? Who are you MJ? Uh no. You gotta down play every artist out with a Grammy, or played on a big stage for what? They are where you will never be because a real artist pays homage period. All these different strategies to "Get out" yeah you have to use something, but if you have to change who you are as an artist when nothing musical was broken, you are here for the wrong reasons. When you want it as bad as a real artist wants it you will get it. You have to work, it has to be your job before your job. You have to work harder then the ones before you. If this is a hobby, then don't waste anyone's time! -Lace

Unlisted's trip to New York...wow Finale

I woke up later saw that of course moe and drac was still up and i went to breakfast. When I came back Moe was UP again and everyone threw him away to the world....even me cause i definitely went to sleep. I woke up later to moe who tickles feet.... instructing that we should leave now cause the bus was coming. How Unlisted Almost Stayed In New York So i gave lace the directions at the club last night so we see how to get back to the hotel. Then i went to the bathroom. I came back to the room and we left to go home...cut to the next day Lace wheres the directions? ..I thought you had them. ....... Lost ...so lost we only knew it was 31st and 9th but 31 went east and west and we didn't know which one so we did the Baltimore and followed the numbers. 28th 29th 30th we found 31st but didn't know which way 9th was we made a left and i asked the first lady i saw, she said we were going the right way. So we walked and walked and walked.. no ninth it was snowing, slushy and we had bags, guitars, keyboards, amps.....you remember I stopped after awhile and asked another lady at the store she told me it was back the other way and we were going the wrong way .... I wanted to got back and punch the other lady So we went back hella irritated and went in the right direction. But the bus was supposed to pull off at 1130 and we was getting to 8th at 1140 We found the megabus stop and asked we had missed the bus...Good old Baltimore always late! We had still made it! so we all calmed down and the bus came of course an hour later. So back to White Marsh to our now drunk Pimlico we went and now we are home And in all this, Unlisted..killed it, Brooklyn rappers suck, sometimes groupie will leave you for dead, don't play at unorganized events, make sure they tell you about their drumset, have plenty of directions, and make sure you love your band mates because at certain point you might want to kill them, or have to sleep with them....whichever comes first --Gigi

Unlisted's trip to New York...wow 4

We track someone down, I think the short red stripe dude and asked about it, he definitely had no idea about it. So random white dude told us he had a drum set and hell bring it out when we perfomed, ok cool. After screaming out and repping Baltimore for a couple minutes the show started I think three rappers went on and then US...with still NO drumset. We started carrying our instruments out while this white dude started Hurling parts of drum at us Travis and Moe got to work on it while i tuned my guitar and everyone set up. I set up and turned around to Moe in the Captain America position staring at the drumset. I looked down and saw the horror of the drumset. It was a bass drum, a floor tom, and a tom that had no hardware to connect it. These dudes gave us three drums and told us to play. I asked Moe where was the rest of the set. He said this is it. ...... I went in the back and asked the guy if he had the rest of the drumset he without looking at me said no, I then told him he needed to give me something, and gave him the there will be blood face and he handed me some snare hardware and a tom. I don't know how they did it but travis and moe got it together and completed that run down sorry piece of crap called drums So after all that. after dudes acted like they didn't know were were coming, drums were thrown at us and crazy dudes making the primary artist only one person in the band we came to realize that Brooklyn had NO idea what was about to happen. The audience was staring at us like "Instruments?" the DJ asked "so yall don't need a track?" What, dude give us two mics So we started our set with so much anger inside that after we were done Day and Moe came out their shirts, and Drac just kept going after we stopped. We killed everything that was that stage and got the loudest applause after. We got of the stage and got bombarded with questions, contacts and congrats. Hip Hop and Rock was a big hit. But unfortunately our night didn't end there we had to sit through twenty more rappers who all apparently get high, sell drugs, steal, and are upcoming artists. All the music sounded the same, there was a hook that stated Monday through Sat their guns went off, yes Any given gunday their guns will go off.... There was a woman named Madeline possessed by Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga but none of their talent who along with drag queens decided to perform a rap and dance show, That was not happening in Brooklyn. The best performance was a white group who sung about cocaine and spun in circles, they were ENTERTAINING. So finally like 1:30-2 Papoose came on but i wouldn't know cause i was sleep in the corner. The show was over and Drac wanted to get his Guitar signed by Papoose. So we waited outside for him. and waited, and waited. We thought he was dead and decided to leave when he finally came out. We walked back to the subway and had to take a different route because the one we were taking stopped running. So we waited for the train back from Brooklyn, then we waited for the train which changed back to downtown Manhattan. we were standing on the platform waiting for the train when we watched our train definitely pass us on the other platform..wow so we went to the other side and waited again. it came and we went to the hotel. Some stayed up for breakfast and and i and of course Court went to sleep.

Unlisted's trip to New York...wow 3

that had three floors of M&Ms and things consisting of M&Ms. They even had M&M guitars. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to get ready to catch the train for the show that night. We got pretty in two hours and headed out with our crap. The Subways in New York are ALOT different than the ones in Baltimore. First of all ours goes Back and forth while theirs goes back forth side to side and in circles. You can get off a train and without even leaving the station and get on another one going an entirely different way. We paid for our tickets and headed for our train to another train that would take us to Brooklyn. At all the stops there was somebody who was playing a instrument or singing to somebody, some of them was pretty good. We got through the trains without any problem then found the Publc Assembly where the concert was after a small walk from the subway station. First of all it looked like a warehouse.that made toilet paper before that they decided to turn it into a club. It had two rooms and both of them was small. How you have TWO small rooms? What happened to the main room and the back room. They both was the backroom.. We was early as usual so we had to stand outside like we were step children until they was letting us in. Finally this big Incredible hulk with no muscles dude opened the door. I told him who we were and who we was suppose to ask for. He after I had to repeat myself three time checked our ids and let us in. We went to the door of the room we were suppose to be in and there was a guy who was stamping people hands. This short, red stripe dude walked out and asked who was GiGi I said me, he told me I got in free and everyone else THE BAND had to pay............................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................WTF????? He said the primary ARTIST got in for free and the entourage had to pay. it was 70 dollars A BAND is Not an entourage they are the PRIMARY ARTIST...ALL of them. So after calming myself down and Day I told the man we were from Baltimore and we don't do things like that there and we couldn't pay that when we knew nothing about it. I told them if they couldn't let us go on they give our money for the whole trip back, and we'll go home. ...yeah they definitely wasn't trying to do that so we gave them a 20 and went in. So we are already irritated at this point...so follow me audience We get in the room look at the stage......NO drumset

Unlisted's trip to New York...wow 2

It seemed like I closed my eyes for a second and we were in Manhattan. It was 4 in the morning so there weren't many people on the streets. Just a couple vendors setting up and randoms. we walked to the hotel, struggling with bags, amps, guitars, a keyboard, yep it is as bad as it sounds. Finally making it to the Hampton Inn near the Empire State building I went to the desk and asked if there was earlier check in. Our road dog Peter, the front desk clerk, let us check in extra early. I gave him my card but...oops I didn't put any money on it. Me, Moe, Courtney and Dracc had to go to the Bank of America up the street to put money on Moe's card to get the room. Everything worked out and we got the key. We got in the elevator and went to the 15th floor where our room was. when we got to the hallway, we noticed we had no room for us and oxygen. The hallway was just what it was. A hallway, it definitely delivered. We found our room, opened the door and noticed that the hallway was the prelude to what we were about to be staying in. The room had to be 10x15 and I don't even think thats a size. It did have two comfortable beds and a plasma HD tv, but that was about it. the front door practically went in the bathroom, and if you moved too fast you were gonna hit something on a wall or bed. But i think the funniest thing in the room was this 8x10 picture they put in a 50x100 frame. WTF? yo it was SPACE in that frame lots of it. We set our stuff down creating less space and went down for breakfast. They had pepper omelets and sausage links, waffles, cereal, donuts, muffins, toast. oatmeal.... pretty much everything. We ate and went back to our hotel rooms. We decided the sleeping arrangements all the boys on the floor except Davon the vocalist who shared with Lace the Keyboardist. I found out its not ok for men to share a bed. So Travis slept in a L in the corner, Dracc slept under the desk, Moe and his dreads slept in between the bed and me and Court were in the other bed. and so we slept Sike....Davon, Lace, Travis, and Courtney left me, Dracc, and Moe UNprotected as they were knocked out. We was ....UP! talking about Random life. Then Dracc gave up on us. Then hours later Lace and Day woke up and Moe went to sleep then Travis the snore machine woke up and we watched a Tupac and Biggie documentary. Drac finally woke up and then Moe went to the bathroom yelled at me for making coffee in the bathroom while he had to pee then went back to sleep. And in all of this our notgroupie Courtney still didn't wake up....she just didn't care about us. Finally we all got up, and went to times square. You wouldve thought these people never saw black people before in their life. They was looking at Dracc in his chained out tripp trenchcoat like he was a mass murder then looking at us confused that we was with him. We didn't care. We took pictures near where the ball drops on New Years and saw a naked cowboy guitarist. We went to a huge Toy r us that had every toy invented. Then a Hershey store, then a M&M store...

Unlisted's trip to New York...wow prt 1

Let me just say Nas was right, Hip Hop is DEAD.... especially in Brooklyn. But before i even get to that catastrophe lets start at the beginning. My Band Unlisted went to open for Papoose in Brooklyn NY and if you don't know who he is...you probably never will. He is a great lyricist but some rappers don't know how to leave the hood. Anyways we get to my house the day before and decide to grab some snacks to go with us. We get in one of the drummers Travis' car and head to Deals, which is the cousin of the Dollar Tree. There is no reason the six of us should ever be in a store that sells dollar to five dollar almost anything. We was grabbing stuff we don't even eat... We get back home after scaring the Deals customers half to death and waited for our Producer Pimlico to arrive and take us to White Marsh where we were catching the Megabus. After a couple hours and gas and our notgroupie Courtney arrived after almost leaving us for dead when she found out she was the only one going , Pim arrived and we were on our way to White Marsh. Ok.....I don't know if the park and ride should get bigger signs or not be in seclusion, but it was NOT at the address it was suppose to be at. Comcast definitely was... So we ended up driving around The Avenue looking for the park and ride. Moe, our vocalist and drummer, found some better directions on his phone so we found our deserted parking lot we needed and parked. The bus wasn't suppose to arrive until 12:55 and it was 11:30 so we relaxed....well most of us did...Draccnus our lead guitarist decided to get out stand in the middle of the parking lot and slip slowly into madness. He just stared at nothingness the entire time making the people in the parking lot insanely nervous. Finally after Dracc was normal again, we whatever is normal for him, and after being an hour late the bus came, It was a two story bus with pretty much everything in it. We loaded up our stuff then we were on the way to New York through Philly...