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Comments and reviews

“Very cool indeed, I like how you bridged the world of your inspirations with your own. As a long time Genesis fan I got the references on your artwork instantly, very cool! Nice job on the music and packaging...Good sounding stuff... I dug it :)” Billy Sherwood - YES, CIRCA. Also, a well known talented producer.

“The mastering is good on all of it”. Nick Davis - Genesis producer, when asked about the technical aspects of the CD.

This multi-instrumentalist's album consists of original music and tributes to Genesis songs. The tributes are "Hairless Heart", "Fly On A Windshield" and "Cinema Show Part II" which has a very impressive Phil Collins-like drum performance. The original music is well performed and incorporates the use of analog drum machines and a good recreation of the ARP synthesizer sound. Leon's music sounds like the quiet moments of Genesis' Duke era. If I didn't know any better, would have thought that these tracks were out takes from Tony Banks. Also, the great gatefold cardboard CD jacket was design by the artist himself. Reviewed from The Garden Shed CD Club in Japan.

“I have now had a chance to listen to your CD. It really is excellent. Full of atmosphere and beautifully put together. Your own stuff is particularly good too. I can tell that a great deal of love, time and energy has gone into it all and I think the result is a strong product. The covers are good too. I particularly like the way in which you have something like an underground train map for the titles! Keep up the good work! Congratulations... All the very best, Steve Hackett - Genesis