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New album HEART OF HELEN is now available!!!

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Album News

Well everyone, it's been a nice hard few months of solidifying our music, planning, traveling, and setting up studio recording dates for our upcoming debut album: Carpo Omniun. (Latin for: seize everything). After about a total of seven days in the studio (not at once), we finally finished the final recordings, and mixing of our first album.

Being recorded at Texas' second oldest studio: January Sound (Dallas), that has had multiple great artists such as Ray Charles, Drowning Pool, and many major cinematic sound tracks recorded at (such as Mortal Kombat). We made sure that it was going to sound just as professional and solid as we could possibly get it, within our financial possibilities. Much extensive time went in to every part of the music that was put together on this album, such as rewriting two songs, changing and adding in more technical and groovy instrumental lines into all the songs and a well balanced volume of all instruments; as well as structural changes in some songs. Vocals themselves took about 8 hours of recording and adjustment, bass took about 6 hours, guitars took about 5 hours, and drums took up to about the same time (approximations). The rest of the time was spent fixing any errors, solidifying the parts that were recorded, adding in effects, and mixing the album.

Carpo Omnium consists of a compilation of 10 songs total, all music of which are Moments Till Fall originals and self compositions. Though it is full of many different sounding metal songs and structures, we even made an acoustic version of one of our biggest songs: Not Your Hero, that was put together in just 2-3 hours while we were already in the studio; and happened to be a last minute addition and to the album, to add dynamics, and increase the album song amount and time.

Aside from being intense Heavy Metal full of melodic feel, the album material has had many self improvisional lines added to all of the music as well as stronger structure to add to the unique signature sound of the band. Having created our own genre of metal called melodicore, Carpo Omnium will sound just as great but still different from most any other metal artists you can find in the world today that are part of the mainstream. Full of dynamics, improvision, some effects, better material than at first, and different sounding metal songs, Carpo Omium is sure to please most metal fans.

The album release date has not been decided yet, being as a little more work is needed before the album is ready for stores, such as: digital mastering, album artwork put together, album booklet, album copying (for store distribution) and the final compilation of these things into the final product. So stay tuned all ye metal fans and the date will be given soon enough! (estimated to be around late June or early July) and buy a copy near you!

Fans Address (PLEASE READ!!!)

First off We'd like to let all of you fans out there how much we really appreciate you listening to our music and supporting us by going to our shows. However, you all may have noticed how Moments Till Fall disappeared from the music scene for a while and there were no shows, no traveling, no nothing; and even our web sites went dead. This was because of some unfortunate occurrences that took place in the band. This blog is to inform all of the fans, producers, and any other musically involved people with us what exactly happened and what we've been working on during this small but absent time we've been in...

During January of 2010, due to inter band issues that won't be detailed (for respect reasons) and due to other members personal things that were going on in their lives at the time, the drummer Eric, bass player Ashton, and singer Chris quit the band for irreconcilable differences. It came almost suddenly and at a very inconvenient time when the band was doing studio work and planning things. Because of this sudden loss of 3 members, the band went into a stale period of nothing happening. We were forced to cancel any and all existing or possible shows and tours that were scheduled and had to put the studio work at that point on hold until new members could be found; and all the material learned.

Well, to make a long story short and inform you of the basics, Tyler and Aric found a new bass player, a new drummer, and Aric decided to take up lead vocals again like he had done in the past before. The new members of the band are: Kody Pelton (bass guitar/back-up-vocals), and Kolin Pelton (drums).

Since this time, we have been doing a lot of work on finishing up what was left unfinished, improving music, learning and making new material and making big plans for this summer!!! Things are nearly completely caught up, we're picking up things we were forced to stop doing, and a lot will be happening by the end of May and throughout all of this summer. We will be back and traveling once again so be looking for us! If you are a venue owner of any kind and you like our music, call Aric Brooks or Tyler Adams for booking and other information!

The main excitement is our first album that we've been working on for many months now, made up of all of our major keep songs that have been made over the years. A 9 (maybe 8) track album that has complete song originals from Moments Till Fall is in the making. A rough copy of the un-finalized album has been made, but adjustments, leveling, sound and instrument line changes, and additional recording time is necessary until the album is completely finished and ready for stores! This should also be ready by summer in most, if not all, music stores that are in states we will sell in, so be looking for us!!! It will sound like a kick in the face!!!

However, in the mean time, bare with us as the necessary and new changes for the site are worked on. Pictures, members, band info, new and better song recordings for the site, and other vital things need to be changed over the next few days or weeks as we can get to them... We have also just made an additional band site on facebook. Please continue to support us and become a fan over there if you have your own facebook! Thanks guys!