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I thought i'd been a bit quiet

Well I thought I had been. To be honest I've had a couple of weeks off from doing things since the start of the year, and it seemed like I wasn't doing much at all. But a short look into the nice 2013 box on my computer and it would seem that this is not the case. There are 21 remixes in there, most of which are scattered about the web, or sitting on the computers of the people in the know. Also there are 20 original tracks either mastered, almost done, or nearly there. Thats quite a surprise to be sure! The plan for this year is quite ambitious. The idea is to do an album every 3-4 months, and then do a compilation of the best tracks from each which will be called 13 (as it will be the best from 2013, and it will have 13 tracks). So thats maybe 4 or 5 albums this year. Ah well best get on with some mastering and get some stuff out to all you lovely people. J x

The First 8 Weeks (maybe 10)

Right then, its now been 2 months since i started to try and have a go at this music lark, do some remixes and generally try and do this for a living instead of waiting tables and selling alcohol to drunk posh people. So this is a round up of the last 8 weeks, complete with links and other gubbins

Facebook - Up to 55 fans with lots of shameless self promotion, also all the remixes and new songs will be there with links to other sites etc...https://www.facebook.com/jeffappletonmusic

Soundcloud - Just added another couple of songs, and a couple of remixes. This takes the total to 11 songs. There are 14 people following me now, and I got a couple of nice comments too. http://soundcloud.com/jeff-appleton

Reverb Nation - I have now got up to number 9 in the charts for Electronica in the Norwich area, everyone above me now has a recording contract of some sorts! My national rank stands at 713, and my global rank stands at 5,416. My total global rank for all genres is at 139,610. I've also managed to get up to 105 fans, had 89 song plays and 16 video plays. All of the youtube videos are now synchronised with RV, but more on that later. http://www.reverbnation.com/jeffappleton

Acid Planet - I've started to put all the old remixes and demo's onto another profile, which is still accessable from the main page. Songwise, I did a Karma Butler remix which was added to the remix profile, and the Great Wall demo was transfered to there too. The Great Wall Of Bing Boing got to No.7 in ther overall chart, got 11 reviews, and was downloaded 5 times The Hollow Me Lights remix got to No.10 in the charts and got 4 reviews, this one I didn't make available to download though, because its not mine. Minimal House Track for European Feature Film went up to No.5, got 11 reviews and was downloaded 3 times. http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=71360&T=5354

Youtube - 3 more songs added to the channel. The Karma Butler and Lovejet remixes, and Beware of the Voices, a dance track with lots of sweary samples. The channel has gone on to have 1110 views, with the vast majority of them still for the Eminem mix, which has 921 views :0 http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2PENGCKuGM4ONlduBcJvw?feature=guide

Indabamusic - I've done a couple of remixes for here. I started a Jason Mraz one, but gave up because I couldn't get the feel for it. Theres one for Kimbra's Settle Down, and one for Meiko's Leave the Lights On. There have both been uploaded into the competitions. They wont win, there are some brilliant mixes on there, but they could be an outside chance :/ http://www.indabamusic.com/people/jeffappletonmusic

Tracks and Fields - I've added a few songs to here (Pinewood, Uncertainty, Birdsnest, Bing Boing, Minimal and Underground), and this site is mainly for me to send music off to advertising companies to try and make some monies. Hopefully this will come off, and then I'll be able to do all this properly for a year or so :D

The profiles on Myspace and Spotlight Zone are there, but are rarely looked at or updated.

So, Im up and running. On the horrizon is a remix for Hakan Ludvigsen. Its really nearly there, just needs some minor attention, but the rough mix is on Acid and Soundcloud. The snippets of Fretlessroland and the untitled one from last time have remained snippets. Mwaaaahhh is now finished and awaiting a title, but it has been joined by 4 more snippets, Chord Thingy, Piano Riff, American and Confused Tuesday. Of these Confused Tuesday seems the most interesting, and has more to it than the rest.

I did burn a cd with everything on from the last 8 weeks, and it runs at about 75 mins, could be a proper album that! Well thats it for now, this is more for me to see where I've come from, and where Im up to, but if you did read and were inclined to listen to anything, then thank you. You made a bald man very happy :D

Thanks J

Hollow Me Remix

This is a song written and sang my my good friend Ben, which I just happened to steal the demo version of, and turn it into a lovely but dark pop stomper. The original version was very basic, just 2 instruments and the vocals (which you can hear at Ben's Soundcloud page). His band is known as Hollow Me and can be found on...

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/hollowmemusic)

and on

Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/hollowme/tracks).

Please go on over and have a listen to his beautiful songs, they really are very good.

On another note I have linked the video remixes from the Youtube site to here, so you are now able to listen to them without having to go there. Im too good to you all sometimes...

Thanks everyone, J x


So I decided to put the 6 songs that I've recorded in the last 6 weeks onto a cd, so I can listen to them in the car, and generally get an idea of where they can be improved. Problem is that the mixing on them was, lets just say, a little inconsistent. So I'm in the process now of remixing them so that they all dont sound like they are picked from various compilation albums. Also I may decide to disable the free downloads on the tracks, partly because nobody was downloading them, and partly because I might put them in the store to buy. Or I might do a Radiohead, and do both. All of this is dependant on me getting some time away from work, and not having to do the jobs around the house that need doing. Anyway, in the meantime there is a remix opportunity on soundcloud (also which nobody has even listened to...) http://soundcloud.com/jeff-appleton/jeff-appleton-bells-alive you can download this for free, remix it, and then let me have a listen. Its a bare bones version of a song that I have almost finished mixing, but I just thought if anybody could see if there was something that could be done differently with it. For now though, thanks for reading J

First Month of work....

Ok, so its been a month since I decided that I was going to do somethiing productive and write some music, do some remixes, and generally do what I was supposed to be doing all these years. So, after a month, where am I? Facebook - A few new fans on the fan page, and managed to get it all synchronised together with all the other sites. https://www.facebook.com/jeffappletonmusic Soundcloud - 2 new songs added, and had a clear out of all the people that it said I knew, but really they were all over the world and just had the same names as the people I knew. Added some new artists and downloaded some vocals for future projects. http://soundcloud.com/jeff-appleton Reverb Nation - Managed to get up to number 13 in the charts for Elecronica in the East Anglia Area, which is no mean feat considering that some of the people above me have recording contracts, play live, and have a massive fan base. My national rank stands at 915, and my global rank stands at 6,482. My total global rank for all genres stands at 176,365. Which sounds a bit naff, but there are 2.2 million registered artists worldwide on RV, so really its not too bad! I've managed to get 67 fans, had 54 song plays, and 11 video plays. Unfortunatly it wont show me how many people are downloading the songs, but I think the stats come in at about 10% http://www.reverbnation.com/jeffappleton Acid Planet - 3 new songs uploaded, including a re-edited Baldwin Brothers remix. Right where to start here! Pinewood had 7 good reviews,3 downloads, and was playlisted 3 times, and made it to No.8 in the chart. Birdsnest managed to get 6 reviews (all good), got playlisted once, and got to No.15 on the chart. Even older songs like Uncertainty and Live Strings got good reviews, playlisted, downloaded and managed to enter the chart. http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=71360&T=5354 Youtube - 6 songs have been uploaded. Live Strings by Me, Say What You Want by Andy Bell, Music by Madonna, Dream Girl by Baldwin Brothers, Without Me by Eminem/Pitchshifter/Kidney Thieves, and In a Landscape by William Orbit. The channel has had, so far, 894 views. 894! The VAST majority of those was for the Eminem remix, which so far has 800 plays. Almost all of those hits (94% to be exact) have been from people just browsing and then having a listen, and not from links being shared. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2PENGCKuGM4ONlduBcJvw?feature=guide I also put up profiles on Myspace (which is a massive waste of time in my opinion) http://www.myspace.com/jeffappletonmusic on The Spotlight Zone... http://thespotlightzone.com/ and on Indabamusic... http://www.indabamusic.com/people/481639576 (might be another waste of time...) Theres also a Flickr page, and a website is currently being considered on different providers. My Icle Studio is up and running :D Coming this month there should be 3 new songs. One is a little Chinese/Japanese sounding song, currently called Bells Alive, but i do like the title The Great Wall Of Bing Bong. Theres more little ideas and snippets, one called Mwaaaaahhh, one called Fretlessroland, and one that is untitled as of yet. Also I did download a song that my good mate Ben from Hollow Me did from soundcloud. I then proceded to put loads of thing all over his lovely track, and as Chris Lowe does to Neil Tennant... "try to ruin it". So at some point that might get an upload too. I've sent it off to Ben to listen to, and if he wants to, he can load it onto the Hollow Me page, well wherever really, it is his song. Or if I can, I might spam the net with it myself. His original version is here http://soundcloud.com/hollowme/watch-the-lights-go-down-demo. So it looks like I might be able to do this after all. Apologies if you do get lots of spam from my rather shameful-self-promotion, but I think that its the only way to get on to be honest. For this month I think thats it, lets see what the next 4 weeks bring :D Laters, J

Good Week!

Hello Everyone - If anybody is listening :D

Where to start, well... There's a new song up on all of the different sites. Its called Pinewood and only took me a couple of hours to do. Its all sample based, and its just a little 3 minute slice of ambient niceness. Even if I say so myself.

On the youtube channel I got a but of s surprise. The Eminem/Pitchshifter/Kidney Thieves remix that I did a long time ago, but only recently uploaded, has gone on to get 768 views so far! Bearing in mind that the most listens I've had for a song on Acid Planet is 80 (a Madonna remix that's been on the site for about 10 YEARS), and the most on Sound Cloud (for Man in Motion remix) is 62. The total hits for the channel now stand at 844, and I had my first subscriber. Pop on over, if you feel the need, to http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2PENGCKuGM4ONlduBcJvw?feature=guide and have a look. There are a few remixes on there to listen to.

Thanks to everyone who gave reviews on the songs I have hosted on Acid Planet, especially to those who have added/fanned/downloaded some of the tracks. You are all stars! From that, Birdsnest managed to reach No.15 in the new song chart, and Pinewood is currently sitting at No.10 in the same chart. This is the highest that any of my songs have got in the last 10 years, so thanks again for that :D

Now the generic links bit for selfless publicity... Please pop on over to... http://soundcloud.com/jeff-appleton http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=71360&T=3321 http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2PENGCKuGM4ONlduBcJvw?feature=guide http://www.myspace.com/feckineejut https://www.facebook.com/jeffappletonmusic you can like, listen, add, share, comment, poke or do whatever comes natural.

Thanks again to everyone, see you in a bit... J

William Orbit and Eminem. Now there's a concoction!!

In the last couple of days I've put 2 Remixes onto the Youtube channel.

The first is a remix of Eminem - Without Me. I did this with the samples from the Kidney Thieves and Pitchshifter remix competitions on here about 10 years ago. I went back into it and tweaked it a little here and there, but its basically unchanged.

The second is a re-dub of William Orbit - In A Landscape. I did this when the Pieces in a Modern Style album came out, and its the original track with some nice drums and pads over the top. I did 6 songs from the album, and this is one of the best, if not the best.

Just pop on over to http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2PENGCKuGM4ONlduBcJvw?feature=guide and have a listen, and like them if you do. Your also able to leave comments if you so desire.

Thanks for listening, J

New Song!!!

I wrote a new song today. Its not too complex and didn't take too long to be honest, but it is the first full song I've wrote in about 2 years. Its called Birdsnest, because while I was writing it, we found a birds nest in the garden. Were nothing but imaginative here :D Its free to download at my Reverb Nation profile, and I hope you enjoy listening. Thanks, J

New(ish) Remix :D

I have put a newish remix onto Acid Planet, and to the Youtube channel. I did the remix of this for an Acid Planet competition about 10 Years ago. All I've done is add a little bit more to the mix, and re balance it a little bit. It will be available to download from http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=71360&T=8760 soon. Please go and buy the original track too at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/music-video/dream-girl/id299716338, it really is very good :D Or you can just pop over to the Youtube channel to see the rather basic video and listen to the song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peQXpiqRMkQ&feature=youtu.be Thanks for listening... J x


I got a review on Acid Planet, it reads as follows...

I love when I find a new artist that I truly enjoy listening to. From your Bio, I can tell we are 'very' much alike artistically. And now to your tune. It is subtle and gentle with its intro, and I love when the bass synth comes in, it really sets of the mood, and then you do a funky shift ( the kind I love ) that surprises and intrigues the listeners ear. The upbeat trance loop weaves nicely with the returning strings and sets my ears into a very happy place. I think this is simple ( not overdone, but just right ) and graceful music. Reminds me of many chill artists. This can hang with any of those songs. Perfect. I don't do this often, but I liked it so much it has been playlisted. You have a fan.

That's really nice isn't it :D