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Hi, I'm Fern. I've been writing my own songs since I was 11 and I play guitar and sing. I can also play drums and a little bit of piano. I just love music in general really, but my favourite kind of music is Rock (especially on the heavier side) although the music I write is slightly more Pop/Rock. I'm entered into some competitions that are coming up soon. Open mic UK (this sunday) this is the second round. Its like an X-Factor but for open mic nights. If I get through this one, I go to the national open mic championship. The other competition I've entered is this Thursday at the Dartford Working Mens club. It's a talent competition with 2 rounds. I'm really, really excited about doing the competitions and I hope I do well. So fingers crossed! =] If you're not busy and yew like my music, come down! Thank you. Fern x