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Umm Shakespeare...what's a Heathen?

Also, while your at it...explain what a" Heathenz Muzik Crew" iz Homeboy?

These are the two questions that we get most often when we're out and about. Many people have preconceived notions about what we mean when we say "Heathen" and mostly we enjoy pointing and laughing at them when they get it wrong. Now we see the need for some clarity and after several (mAAAAd) guinness' pints and a few (HELLA) shots of Jack [ and stuff ]....we came up with THIS ( we think)!

tHe HeAtHeN dEmAndMenTz ;)

I. Thou shalt be not a poseur: Do you and love what you do. Own your imperfections and use them as weapons. II. Thou shalt pop thy tag: Heathenz refuse to be boxed into any one genre, label or category. Heathenz are free to create whatever they want, however they want. We love to mix and blend and twist music into different shapes...the only rule is that it must be dope! III. Thou shalt not hate: Haterz are the lowest form of lifeform in the known universe. There's only two types of people in this world, Haterz and Creators. Haters can't create so they criticize, they attack $%!7 that's over their simple little heads. Creators love to see another doing well, it inspired them to do the same. IV. Thou shalt live your life to fullest:There's a difference between living your life and breathing to death. Heathenz savor every second and seek to live life at its maximum. IV. Thou shalt question authority, and then beat it into submission while it's distracted V. Thou shalt be fresh till death: Heathenz don't do stale or lame, not in style, music or thought. Heathenz come dope and original, or not all.

Heathen Lexicon Beastie: Something or someone especially dope Wher the Wild thingz r: 7even Cities, Va Tommorrowland: Virginia 2morrowman: Shakespeare's Ghozt aka Shakespearience AKA Shakespecies Heathenz Muzik Crew: A loosely organized group of elite musicians and badasses who collaborate to secretly take over the world via music the likes of which the world has never known Arch Heathen: Member of H.M.C. or it's street Team and/or someone who has down with the cause since day 1 Beavis: Someone stupid and/or simple-minded The Stupids: several Beavis' in close proximity Broken toy(s): A reference to the imperfections in people. The Black Parade: The sort of fun and mayhem that HMC brings to your town. The Masquerade: The thought that people where masks in their daily lives and hide their true thoughts from each other

Inside the writers studio: "Lonely PPL" w/ commentary Pt 2

why oh why are they so lonely I/ open my lonely so lonely ur lonely, so lonely why oh why are they so phony/ i open my lonely eyes n see no homies, no homies i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all alone!/the lights on but nobody's home so we take it to the streets where the beasties roam/and we are all alone so to each his own so it's dog eat dog. dog eats bone/ but man made beast/ beast eats his clone, and we can watch it live on our T.V. phones/we interconnected/ millions of textes, billions of characters/ aint nobody said shit children of america, show'em how ur face look/smile for the hand held/ loaded it up on facebook upload the data upgrade the graphics /they cant like ur life if you dont update ya status we in the digital highway crashin' cuz we like to play in internet traffic The first line is a reference to ANOTHER Beatles song...two points and a cookie to whoever can name that tune ;) 'Beastie" is a heathenism that means something dope or a group of city denizens the 2nd half of the verse deals with the fact that although we've got twitter,facebook, phones, texts etc, it seems to me that we dont really communicate with each other. why oh why are they so lonely I/ open my lonely so lonely ur lonely, so lonely why oh why are they so phony/ i open my lonely eyes n see no homies, no homies Husband and wife/ live in they crib/ wonderful life/ got beautiful kids marvelous cars/he make six figs/he shows his ass/ she takes his shit she cheats on him unfaithful bitch/ he beats on her/ she takes his kids he pleads with her please stay dont quit/thats what she do for the sake of kids so dad back to work/ mom back shopping/ kids back to school-soon all is forgotten no one hears the clockn tick tick tockin/yes it is a yacht but the ship is rockin' the kids said it sounded like a monster truck, when that shot gun bucked/and the cops run up/they got pops in cuffs/ mom's breath is gone/ how can two people still be all alone There's not much that I will say about this verse except that it is based on a true story....a sad, sad, true story why oh why are they so lonely I/ open my lonely so lonely ur lonely, so lonely why oh why are they so phony/ i open my lonely eyes n see no homies, no homies Anyway, so that was "Lonely PPl" if you like the song click the "like" and let me know what you think about the lyrics or any reaction you may have to the song. S. Ghozt #fearthefuture

Inside the writers studio: "Lonely PPL" w/ commentary Pt 1

Normally I dont say #$#$ when it comes to my creative process or my approach to writing songs. I'm a private person by nature (and a musician?! go figure) in fact those who know me best sometimes wonder if they know me at all, but i digress. Im going to attempt to explain how I write my songs and give y'all a sneak peak into how we do things round here. Those who know me will tell you that I love The Beatles, As songwriters, These guys are easily some of the best all time. Anyway, the song that Im recording "Lonely PPL" is an homage/shout-out to one of my favorite Beatles' songs, "All the Lonely People." I feel like it is a gorgeous song and if you've never heard it...google that @&*! I mean I could post a link...but what?! Ghozt 'sposed to everything? Anyway, my song deals with the same themes loneliness, detachment-in-a-connected-world, the secret mental life vs public image, angst...These are some of my favorite things to write about because these are things that people hate to talk about.So the challenge that I always have as a writer, is that I have to be ill enough to get people to listen to $#!& they refuse to talk about. Luckily, Im that ILL ;) (Somewhere BMG just hit the **RAGING EGO BUTTON**) Anyway below are the raw lyrics with commentary. "Lonely PPL" El-en-or Riggins lives by her dolo/in a crowd peope she still feeling solo/ she smell like coco, chanel her manolos/ copped for the high high, she feel low low/ so she like why try/ better get loco, turn up the mojo and shake it like a go go find her some wise guys n kick it like dojo now here come the oh no part no yoko wit no supervision, no future vision, should she cross her fingeR cross her fingerR superstition? she feel unclean even as she glisten/ too bad you cant shampoo that condition she puts on her mask as she leaves for the door/ the one, even she dont believe anymore so young so dumb, so comfortably numb/ running from the person she cant be anymore The name Elenor Riggins is a play on Elenor Rigby which is a name that appears in the original song The personality (if that makes sense) of the girl is based on a girl that i work with, who's lost...but she's functionally lost so it's hard for people to tell but if you're paying attention... she's a broken toy just like that rest of us my fav lines are "in a crowd of people she still feeling solo" and "too bad you cant shampoo that condition". You see girls like this everyday Hair: AWESOME, make-up: STELLAR, body: BANGIN spirit: DYING BY THE SECOND. Thats the picture I'm trying to paint


well ladies and gents it seems as though your boy has a blog now (against my $#$%$%$$in will..) This will be where you'll find my thoughts on music, life and whatever randomness hits my head. -S. Ghozt