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Girl at the Rock Shows

Singer Casey Virock had a voice that truly stood out due to it’s perfection and the way it felt soft but still had an edge to it. It didn’t matter if he was singing into the normal microphone or the one that distorted his voice to sound a bit like a megaphone, it was a voice of beauty and a huge selling point for this band. Don’t be fooled though, even though Casey’s voice had me sold, watching Greg Norton on bass and Ian Prince on drums was just the icing on the cake. All three members of this band had a personality that shined above the music and that made the set feel intimate and special.

Interview with Simon Calder /Back to the City


Rift interview with Greg Norton


New Bass-player

We were bummed to see Davey Reinders step down from his bass duties with Porcupine this year -- definitely tough to consider replacing him with anyone. But after a little break, we are back at the rehearsal space with a new lineup featuring Greg Norton of Husker Du (band)

New Porcupine record 2016

We have started work on a new Porcupine record. Release date looking to be November of 2016.

New shirts 'cranium artwork'


Interview with Dave Reinders episode 020


Minneapolis Local Top 30 songs 2014

Porcupine made #23 with "I'm Next To You"

The Creative Path Podcast


Thank you to the kind folks in Scotland, UK