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"Amazing" in store

"Amazing" is available in the following Philadelphia stores

AKA Music 27 North 2nd street Phone: 215-922-3855

Afro Music & Video Connection 6523 Woodland Avenue Phone: 215-724-4624

Centro Musical 464 West Lehigh Avenue Phone: 215-425-7050

Hideaway Music 8612 Germantown Avenue Phone: 215-248-4434

Monk Audio & Record Center 5141 Baltimore Avenue Phone: 215-748-2513

Music Box Records 2711 Girard Avenue Phone: 215-235-3317

The Marvelous Music 208 South 40th street Phone: 215-386-6110

The Sound of Market Street 15 South 11th street. Phone: 215-925-3150

More locations to come!

"Amazing" online

As of June 29, 2010, "Amazing" will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Please, don't hesitate to send me your comments and feedback.

Love, Rafiya