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Chuck's Thoughts

What would any kind of art be without people admiring it? For DM, we are so blessed to have the best fans around. It's amazing to see the same faces in the crowd night after night. Our fans are only snowballing too! The dedication and love they show for us, only fuels us to play bigger, harder, louder and better. Without their support, we wouldn't be moving forward as quickly as we are. They are our movement. We are forever thankful to each and everyone of our fans. For me personally, I have been on both sides. I too became a fan of DM the first time I saw them perform and couldn't believe it when they asked me to join. My life has changed forever. Thanks again to all of you, past, present and future. We love you!! See you out there soon! ~Chuck

Chuck's Thoughts

Since joining Drowning Mona, I've come to realize one critical element of being in a band. Band = Marriage. When you're in a band, it's like being in a marriage. Both require the same three key ingredients to make it work: trust, communication and respect. Without those three things, a band is bound to fail. Additionally, you have to learn to grow together; make sure your goals align. You can audition the best looking, best playing rock star in town, but if you don't trust them, respect them or can't communicate with them, the creativity of the band will suffer. Drowning Mona is a family. You can feel it whether we're on or off the stage. In my eyes, that's what makes a band successful. Keep following and I'll keep posting my thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read and please comment back or ask questions. I'd love to turn your thoughts into our next blog. ~Chuck

Lustrous Fish
Lustrous Fish  (almost 3 years ago)

Hey Chuck! Good to catch you guys again at The Falls last night! Uploading some footage of last night to youtube...this is one of the video links, and will put more up very soon. Great show as always! Hope to see you guys with some new material too! Big Fan,Richie Bar

To Freedom...

This past weekend was so much fun. Of course the shows were great but what was better was getting to hang out as a band with good friends. It was Kristi's birthday so we hung out, ate bbq and relaxed in Ft. Hood before the show. Nothing beats a band road trip. When we returned I looked back over the past couple of days and remembered just how lucky we are to have each other. Not many bands can say that they are family or can spend the whole weekend together and laugh as much as we do. We met some interesting folks in Waco, specifically the sound guy who had crazy stories of his years on the road with famous acts. We stayed the next night on Ft. Hood and it was amazing to think about all the soliders that are deployed right now. They're fighting every day so that we can continue to pursue our dreams of music. It was eye-opening. Not that we hadn't thought about it before, but when you are surrounded by it, it tends to slap you in the face. There are some countries where women are persecuted for performing on stage. I am so grateful to those who continue to protect my freedom and allow me to join my brothers on stage. thank you...

This weather sucks...

So I was really excited about tonight's show (still am) and all day long the news is going on and on about how terrible the weather is going to be tonight and warning people to not go out unless it's an emergency! What?! Sure, it's going to be really cold but the roads should be fine. Well I hope our fans consider our show an emergency and come out and rock with you despite the 'drama' of the news. We've planned for a crazy rock show and we're going to deliver one! =)

So excited...

Kimberly Scott is such an amazing photographer. She knew just how to capture our spirit! And she's such a great person too. We had such a blast at the photoshoot. I hope we can some behind the scenes footage soon. We went to this crazy site that looked like a tornado hit it to take photos. I'd say it was borderline dangerous but that's what it takes sometimes to get great photos...

Starting 2011 off right!

Nothing like bringing in the new year with a show. And an amazing show at that. We are super excited to rock the stage at Tonic with Nancy Silva Project on Jan 1st. We have a great sound and light team so the show will be huge! We've got a couple of new songs too. 2011 is going to be a great year for us. Can't wait to see what's in store! ~DM

Harker Heights...who knew?

We had such a great time in that little town this past weekend. Who knew they could rock so much?! We're now back in SA and writing for our upcoming shows for the new year. It's just like Drowning Mona to bring in 2011 right with a show. Come rock with us New Years Day Night - Jan 1st @ Tonic. See you all there...

Drowning Mona News

Drowning Mona is finishing up studio work on their latest single to be released soon. Additionally they are in preparing to shoot a video to accompany the single. Due to time constraints, Drowning Mona is limiting their shows to finish these two projects. Stay tuned for more info.