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We are happy to introduce our new drummer and friend, Mak Finlay! we've been doing few gigs already with him and playing together is a great pleasure. He's a great musician and keen on working hard with us on new material and soon we'll post demos of new songs we are developing together... MARK, WELCOME IN THE FAMILY...Moooooo!!

tunes available now...

Hi guys, few words about the songs available now in our player... we recorded them few weeks ago, in the "Punkahontas Studios", our second home, where we usually rehearse and, thanx to Darren's equipment, we have the chance to record whenever we like. the tracks available at the moment are just temporary versions of the songs that will be eventually released.we are gonna get them properly mixed and mastered very soon... stay tuned, and hopefully very soon we'll have news!! Claudio


Hi all, here we are with a new version of Moo! DARREN,who is an old friend of the band, has become now the bass player and backing vocalist. Thanks to his passion and committment, Moo! is a more complete band. ART has just joined us, but 2 gigs has been enough to get tight. Our sound is getting more powerful and original than ever. we're very happy, so far. stay tuned, new gigs and a new album will come very soon... Claudio