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Quickstar Allstar's

One of my songs have been accepted for a new compilation CD. The song is "You Sightless Fool". Help support the musician's. Here is the link http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/quickstar-productions-presents/id349044164

Radio interview with Dave Manning

Hey everybody, I just wanted to direct you guys to a podcast/radio interview that Dave Manning had with me earlier this year. We talk about creativity, performing, and encouraging others who want to perform. The podcast hookup is http://podcast.com/episode/45159015/171157/ go forth and enjoy. You may have to cut and paste this into your browser. Thanks for listening!! Nick

More Music To Come

Hello everyone, I have 4 more CD's that I will be adding plus a 4 song EP that will also be a free download. The songs currently that are here and downloadable are off of my first CD, "Stage One". The lady singing on Sail With Me is Melissa Smith. She was working in Anchorage at the time of the recording and was opera trained. If you happen to run across this page Melissa, Thank You again and I hope you are doing well. So, anyhow, stay tuned for more music from me and I hope you are enjoying what is here now. Nick