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NAPPY ROOTS (Music or the Hair ?)

She put her Lips close to the lonely mic on stage that was dark with a big bright light, that was shining down on her nappy hair roots! She smile cause even if she wear's a little weave from time to time,she never lose sight on where she comes from or where God is Leading her!

Is it Music or the hair?

I put long curly weave in my hair, from wearing a natural fro from over 5 years! I just wanted to sport something new. I love my fro and I love the fact that my Hair is Nappy! Yes I said it (NAPPY)! I wanted to know how people would react to change!

I walk into my job everybody was like Girl where the Fro, your suppose to be Nappy Halo. I just said I wanted something difference, Iam still Nappy at the roots!

I was doing a Private Party and the person who book me say, "now Monica Monet, where is the Fro"! I said "I wanted something different but Iam still Nappy at the roots"!

I did a live show that same week, I meet a fan that we have been communicating on face book. I went up to hug her, and she look at my hair. I could feel she was a little disappointed, That i did not have my Fro! I wanted to pull out the weave and pick it out and say " you see Iam still Nappy at the Roots" but I did not go that far, I just smile and give her a big hug and she ended up really enjoying my show for the Night!

I can remember when, I was perming my hair and I went natural people ask me why, at the time I did not know why! I really could not answer that question but now I can! I love who God made me to be and the fact of the matter, I don't have to prove that Iam this or that, just by my Hair.. If I wear my Fro I can respect Angela Davis and the History of my People but If I wear my Long Hair Weave with the Curl at the Bottom I can also respect the same People cause that Fought for me to be free without being JUDGE! I guess in other words what I am trying to say is love you, follow your dream, Learn your purpose on this earth, help people along he way! Iam so honor that God gave me the Gift of Music to share with the world,I know its my purpose. I realize now that nothing is too small, one Flower seed can and will grow in a flower. The question is what type of Flower it will be!

I love the fact that I can share my Music and my words with the world and I would hope that they hear the Music and not see the hair!

Dove Hagan
Dove Hagan  (over 7 years ago)

Loving you and your nappy roots Soul Sistah. Peace