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The new DVD Souls in UV Blu ray HD is now streaming FREE get live performance footage in all ages friendly animated form! Yes the genius mind of Mastermind had brought his show to the nation live and is preparing a big show. We have yet to piece the puzzle together on how to do his event live as THE MASTERMIND played every instrument on his albums and is a solo act so we decided to show you what we WOULD do if you book us! Bring an awesome band of musicians to back him live and sell out arenas once again! Well the entire concert is an animated full length movie now on YouTube. Like the idea? We LOVE it!

Kids love it, pets love it, fans love it and labels are in awe of it. 70,000 individual frames of still art show our production designers how to program the lighting and video content for the 1 hour 20 minute show featuring the ENTIRE Solo album SOULS and once again the content was created entirely by THE MASTERMIND using his other job skills as a graphic designer and animator. Created in Adobe Creative Cloud with technology he developed as a tech over the years we were able to bring the 500 layer 70,000 frame animation to life and create a truly original performance piece.

Fans can now watch the show and DVD FREE before we release it thanks to our partnership with YouTube and Reverbnation.

Check out Souls UV now at Reverbnation.com/TheMastermind And on YouTube.com/MastermindTV

We hope people like this and if your band or talent needs a live designer don't forget the best in all of entertainment remains Mastermind Productions right out of wine country in Healdsburg California.

We hope the dvd holds fans over while The Mastermind recovers in Northern California from his operation and gets his second one surviving organ failure and dental work much needed. The artist is rehabbing broken bones and operations in wine country before starting pre production and seeking live musicians to back him on tour again. Donate to his cause @generosity so he can have his operation and cover his medical if you feel able to help. Here is his official link.

Fundraiser for The Mastermind to have surgery for life threatening organ failure: https://www.generosity.com/medical-fundraising/local-music-artist-needs-emergency-surgery

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The Mastermind is recovering from major surgery and rrequires four more operations please support and stay tuned for more music

Beware of illegal Mastermind album distribution

My instrumental Rock EP souls is presently being sold illegally world wide by a European distributor and American scam label who do not have my permission to distribute my works as of 1/1/17 DO NOT purchase Mastermind products from my old label or distributor. Thanks. I would NEVER receive payment and I need help to cover emergency surgery and rebuild after the separation and ripoff. I have nothing good to say about anything they never did for me so I'm staying silent. Thanks.

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#MastermindBMI breaks 20k Reverbnation plays

#SoulsBMI the current solo record by Mastermind #MMPBMI has hit 40k previews, 20k on ReverbNation.com alone as of 9/15/12.

The global release of the first single from the album is coming soon, stay tuned for "It'll Be All Right" [BMI] coming to digital stores soon!

Check out the buzz regarding the single and album on twitter!

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