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Rip Raw Entertainment in honor of our founder Omega Raw's birthday dropped a new MASTERMIND album shout out to my producer THE MASTERMIND hard sht. enjoy! 3 THE MASTERMIND presents 2 14 the LOVE MUSIC MIXTAPE aka the one take cipher mix BAM! ALL IN YOUR DOME PIECE!! Enjoy RIP RAW ENTERTAINMENT music. We smack your girl in the g spot with bass beeeeoch!!!


MARVEL CLOSE TO ME JAMAICAN JACK SOMETHING IN ME NIGHT OWL & more features including VICTIM from the YMCMB vol 2, SILVER HAZE, MISS MARRY & JAYNE exlusive to reverbnation.com/themastermind

Thanks for making The Mastermind #1

Fans have made THE MASTERMIND #1 on Reverbnation once more and he thanks all fans for the love and support. Rock it and rock on. Also enjoy 4 new instrumental jams from our club rum in 2015-16 and slam the album SOULS also free streaming music isavailable world wide on all platforms including pandora ps4 xbox and jukeboxes also tune in to radio request the album also its on youtube and reverbnation via youtube streaming now. Get the RAW b sides today and ENJOY,

#MastermindBMI breaks 20k Reverbnation plays

#SoulsBMI the current solo record by Mastermind #MMPBMI has hit 40k previews, 20k on ReverbNation.com alone as of 9/15/12.

The global release of the first single from the album is coming soon, stay tuned for "It'll Be All Right" [BMI] coming to digital stores soon!

Check out the buzz regarding the single and album on twitter!

#ItllBeAllRightBMI #SoulsBMI #MastermindBMI @MastermindProds


Press Release - It'll Be All Right [BMI] #MastermindBMI

Friends and fans,

Mastermind Productions, Rip Raw Entertainment, BMI & our major distribution partners present the world wide digital release of #ItllBeAllRightBMI !

The first SINGLE picked from the #SoulsBMI record coming soon!

The second single picked is #FarewellBMI and the third picked is #GoodNightBMI.

All 3 SONGS will see major release via SINGLE digital format in ALL COUNTRIES/UNIVERSES via team #MMPBMI #RREBMI #CCEBMI #BMI #UMG.

THEN the new record #SoulsBMI will drop from #MastermindBMI solo rock / progressive metal / blues artist and producer/engineer of #2550Tracks and long time studio/touring artist with his debut #SoloEffort hitting in either #2012 or #2013 via major distribution partners.

Learn more under MUSIC, RIP RAW ARTIST, and NEWS on www.riprawrising.com

Check MMP/Mastermind [BMI] out on http://www.reverbnation.com/themastermind http://www.twitter.com/mastermindprods http://www.facebook.com/realmastermind http://www.numberonemusic.com/jshadows

#StudioUpdate #ProductionDiaries

Mastermind Productions / RRE CA

Eyes glazed over from thousands of hours of Pro Tools #MastermindBMI sits with #TEAM #MMPBMI #RREBMI #CCEBMI and hits play on ScratchLive® Serato® as #ItllBeAllRightBMI the final mix in tagged instrumental format begins to play.

It sounds soft and dynamic almost hollow and then it drops in. This track is not the original the label heard this is an entirely different musical endeavor. Sure it's the song but we went more rogue live music feel with the final cuts and the mixes are fire.

#MastermindBMI is #BO$$OfSoundDesign these things are sounding hotter than ever and it's quite surprising that the demos he premiered that the world raved about are not nearly touching the level of quality of these glass album masters.

Reverbnation premiere of the song will be TUESDAY 1 week before the #WorldWideRelease so #StayTuned the first track hits iTunes in less than 2 and a half weeks!

Press Release #TuneInTuesday

Here's how this online community event is going to work. We've done some jam sessions for live rehearsals. They are "lets get smashed and grab our instruments and see if a mosh pit begins" songs.

They are not meant to be good or anything but we registered em as out takes. We're going to drop about 2 or 3 of these today. They're what we first jammed out for the album's missing 4 songs SO now you'll hear a part of the last workings of this new BMI project from Mastermind.

Between releases in our live media blast we'll be sharing the new up and coming singles from our talent, music videos and more.

FORMAT: Short URL auto updated via our new entertainment technology invented by label partner Kharran with Conduit and Bing! search and social networking integration. So we're as a company putting the #ULTIMATEENTERTAINMENTTOOLBAR through her new paces.

Places you can get a good idea of how it works can be found AT: www.reverbnation.com/themastermind - follow on Twitter :)

In general all label posts hit our team @MastermindProds @RipRawRising @ConcoreEntertai @BMI @UMG @SumiraSarai @OmegaRaw

We're booking for touring #paidslots #travel #acomidations #intowntransport only

Stay Tuned for the #LIVEBROADCAST #NEWTECHNOLOGIES #THISISATEST this first run of promotions is only a test but we're gonna throw some of our own releases and make a label announcement you won't want to miss --------------- @RipRawRising @MastermindProds @ConcoreEntertai @BMI @UMG

MASTERMIND breaks 10k Reverbnation previews of soon coming album!

With questions looming regarding when the long awaited solo rock/prog, metal album "SOULS [BMI]" from industry veteran and recently gone solo artist MASTERMIND is due, one thing is clear; the people want to hear this album. With over 10k previews of rough mixes on REVERBNATION 7k previews and a 2 year running #1 hit single of rough mixes on NUMBER ONE MUSIC over 5k previews of rough mixes on MYSPACE Plus many more between label pages and online radio the people have spoken. They want this new rock music to take it back to when music was music and not just beats and vocals. Mastermind Productions is humbled by the out pour of support from our fans and friends and we send our love from our major label group in the 707 to our followers world wide.

This album has something for everybody. Melodic ballads, progressive metal with melodic and shredding sounds, and rock singles alike.

Many people have heard the rough instrumentals and that is fine, but what we look forward to sharing with you is the album in FULL and as a final package the way Mastermind first imagined it. The track list is a poem. The songs flow together as one story. The art tells a story in itself. The music drives home the vibe that so many artists fail to bring when each track sounds like the last.

Yes some songs may follow similar progressions but this album, much like Pink Floyd's "The Wall" is one fluid track that changes as the story of life, love, anger, and death lead you through a mental overcoming of the daily vices and emptiness life can seem to bring us. Rip Raw Entertainment & our major label partners are stoked to see head engineer / COO / talent Mastermind hit the mark with this effort which is rumored to be his last and only full length solo effort and rumors swell that it may be the last rock album he will be releasing before a long overdue indefinite hiatus.

Until we know for sure, keep playing the tracks, supporting our other band ALL STAR CERTIFIED aka WTF / UNIVIRAL & continue to visit us on www.riprawrising.com Additional album facts/credits: Vocals - Mastermind, The Duchess of Norway & TBA Guitars - Mastermind Bass - Mastermind Keys - Mastermind Drums - Mastermind w/ influence and co writing from B-Rad & Steely in pre production 100% of music ©2012 BMI / Mastermind Productions / Mastermind All Rights Reserved 100% of vocals written and ©Mastermind/BMI/MMP with the exception of "GOOD NIGHT" co written by The Duchess of Norway This album was re recorded due to being lost in a major computer failure at our studio twice and re written and worked through the writing process over 500 times. Mastermind wrote 50 original rock tracks for this effort and skimmed down the track list to the final TBA soon. There was enough material written to perform a 2.5 hour headline tour set that constantly introduces new sounds. Finally the album art was hand drawn and later made into vector art by Mastermind himself and is one of the most used crowns in MMP band art today. This album art is the original design he did for Skullylcious Clothing which has been a supporter of our touring and music and the design is ©2012 Mastermind / BMI / MMP

©2012 Mastermind Productions / www.riprawrising.com

Hello and good morning

Happy New Year!

It's 10:35 PST and about an hour or so later here in the snow. We're cranking out hundreds of graphics, images, and new content for our web site JOIN FREE at RIPRAWRISING.COM. Our talent are all on there pushing their new music and we've got LABEL SAMPLER 2 out now on reverbnation.com/label/mastermindproductions which may not be a complete listing of the songs but shows a few of the featured tracks, view all songs to check out the new and soon to come material that is previewing but not yet in stores.

We've got a few downloads available right now. Our artist OMEGA RAW still has the Avatar of Rap mixtape on Datpiff.com for free. We also have his single out on Universal called JUMP ON HER.

Soon to come to stores is ALL STAR CERTIFIED's MASTERMIND ft SUNSHINE in JAYNE [BMI] recorded last year and ALL STAR CERTIFIED's MASTERMIND ft UNDERDOG RISING in DOWN THE GIRL [BMI] which was recorded in 2009 and re visited and mixed/mastered in 2011.

The final mix of JAYNE was featured on the new MMP/RRE Label Sampler Vol 2 to display our mixing, mastering, songwriting, and concept ideas and abilities for our 2012 clientele. We are offering our mixing/mastering services to industry talent as well as indie artists in addition to radio placement and major label shopping as part of our services available through RIPRAWRISING.COM

Mastermind is in the studio cranking out beats, rock tracks, and finishing his album which should be seen around quarter 2 or 3 of 2012. In any case the tracks will be available for sale in 2012 for now enjoy our rough previews of:

Mastermind's rock album SOULS [BMI] on reverbnation.com/themastermind

All Star Certified's previews from 34 Deep and our dub/hip hop tracks on reverbnation.com/allstarcertified

All Star Certified's tour video from the Gold Coast Tour on RIPRAWRISING.COM under VIDEOS

Kottonmouth Kings Jingle Bowls Tour footage ft Big B and Moonshine Bandits on RIPRAWRISING.COM under PHOTOS under VIDEOS and under NEWS

All of our new music on reverbnation.com/label/mastermindproductions and RIPRAWRISING.COM under MUSIC and RIP RAW ARTIST

Make sure to join the MEMBERS section and keep our FORUM and ARCADE boomin with games, music, and fan feedback!

Hope your 2012 is epic and see you on tour later in the year!

- Mastermind

2011 Wrap Up - Dec 9th 2011 - 8 AM - Mastermind Productions

Dear fans, friends, and family,

this has been a great year and 2012 looks even better. We've updated all our band profiles and have added new music to ALL STAR CERTIFIED, MASTERMIND, OMEGA RAW, and STEELY's music players as well as feature songs on our label profile here on reverbnation.

Thank you for following us online, coming to see us live this year, and supporting our releases which to date have collectively over 500,000 plays.

Our two million followers monthly have access to our indie music news, social network, and marketing/promo tools through our partnership with Rip Raw Entertainment and Mastermind Productions. Our third division of MMP "Night Owl Management" has taken off as well as our photography, modeling, video, and studio departments.

Our list of talent has grown and we had a blast performing for thousands of fans all year long. With things coming to a close look for our current label releases "LABEL SAMPLER VOL. 2" for the record industry executives, in 2012 Mastermind "SOULS" will finally hit stores, we have a current single out with ALL STAR CERTIFIED and MASTERMIND ft UNDERDOG RISING called "DOWN THE GIRL" and right now our comedic holiday mixtape is out called "HAPPY HUMBOLDTDAZE" by ALL STAR CERTIFIED. We had big bass, dubstep, hard rock, reggae, and festival type gigs, songs, and gatherings. We grew as a team.

Most importantly we met all of you who keep us going, thanks for keeping us #1 in Sonoma County CA and with our branching out to FL, NY, MA, DC, WA, OR, MT, ID, NV, CO, TX, GA, and Europe our family has grown. Look for us building up our following in our new homes away from home in 2012 as we plan on bringing more live music nationally and hope we can see our international fans soon as well.

Thanks again for following and please keep coming back to hear the songs, we have noticed you guys really paying a greater deal of attention and MASTERMIND has shot up the charts to finish as a top 40 artist for 2011 with the last two weeks seeing an almost 90 spot rise in reverbnation charts among remaining forever a #1 artist on numberonemusic.com following his smash hit LIVING A LIE in 2007. Vote, like, and follow as we have a TON of new material. Speaking of which you guys need to hear OMEGA RAW and ALL STAR CERTIFIED in their new mashup STAR STUDDED / PRETTY up now! Also check out their new singles LET THE SPEAKERS DROWN ft TK, DOWN THE GIRL ft Mastermind & Underdog Rising, and the super hot new single SOMETHING IN ME ft Mastermind & TK!

See you in 2012!

We're off to party and end the year at Jingle Bowls with KMK, ONE LOVE!

Studio Wrap Up


So as social networks and online rankings become less relivent in music we've been pushing our shows through street team and mobile missions. However as artists we reach out to our fans online through our various communication methods. Reverb has been a great tool for us to reach all our followers on REVERBNATION, FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, and TWITTER. We simply do not have time to answer all our requests and messages but we thank you for following our progress,

Onto the progress: Well we've been quite busy. The recording thing keeps taking a back burner. Onto recording: Wow lots coming out here. 7 tracks to go and "Souls" will be completed. Vocals is another story. Hip hop is a side project and you guys seem to dig it so we're dropping "Summertime Hustule" and "34 Deep."

Our tracks from album 1 to album 34 are registered through Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) who is our current A&R/Artist Rights Organization. Each image/video/song/graphic's unique tag and pieces individually remain the intellectual property of MASTERMIND of MMP / RRE / BMI and are (c)2011 All Rights Reserved. To obtain lisencing rights contact RIP RAW ENTERTAINMENT and MASTERMIND PRODUCTIONS and obtain written clearence.

We send out love to the fans, friends, and people following arround the world. It's been a long ride and we've got 100s of tracks to go through for the future. Thank you to all the people who have gotten us where we are, you are loved.

In other news touring drummer STEELY is attending music school to wrap up his live drummer certificate and will be back with us in about a year and a half or so. This leaves us seeking a professional drummer. We're going to contact a few of our sponsors and see if any bands have a drummer to spare for a 2 year tour cycle. Other touring positions open are as follows: BASS (Backing Vocals), RHYTHM GUITAR (Backing Vocals), RHYTHM GUITAR (Backing Vocals), FEMALE VOCALIST (Backing & Lead).

As the final touches begin to run into final glass masters headed toward a major release. Well, here we go. See you from my place in the clouds, my feet remain on the ground.

(c)2011 All Rights Reserved - Mastermind Productions