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Our radio station

So here's something you might not know. We started our own radio station on Live 365. It's a collection of songs we love and we change em from time to time. http://www.live365.com/index.live There's some Townes Van Zandt, Gillian Welch, a random LAT song from time to time, Ryan Adams, etc... We would love your feedback and it's pretty dang good music when you're at the office or Starbucks or down at the penitentiary. Who are artists you like that you want to hear on LAT Radio? What's the most recent purchase you made on iTunes? Anyone got a new tattoo? Tell us what's on your mind. ;) Hang it out the window! Daniel, Troy, Tim and Jeff

Left Arm Tan begins a blog

OK kids, here it is...the first installment of the LAT blog. Mainly just a place where the band can update you on stuff that's happening and what we're generally thinking about. We'll talk about the new songs, upcoming gigs, favorite bands and new CD's, and the status of Red China or whatever happens to be the hot topic. So here's the quick updates. First, we've got a new "regular" bassist in the band - Jeff Scroggins. A super cool guy who also plays in Constant Seas, but we really like his hair so he's in. He really fits in with the artistic direction of the band and we're glad to have him around. But this isn't to say the Kirk Richardson was kicked out or anything. We think of Kirk the same way most people think of Pluto. You know, one day it's a planet the next day it's not? Basically, he's an honorary member of our LAT solar system and he's just really busy laying down wicked bass grooves for other bands. But he's always a great friend. Second, we've got some new songs brewin' and now that we've finally had time to write and rehearse things are gelling nicely. We are expecting to release a 4 song EP early next year - probably in February. So hang on, LAT has really turned out some good tunes. Finally, we've got some shows coming up in January. Don't miss the big show at The Aardvark in Fort Worth. January 14 with Mike McClure. It will be epic. And then we are off to Kansas City and Springfield for a short run to play for some folks we know. So check in from time to time for the latest updates on the new EP and our shows. And until we see ya next, keep that arm out the window! Troy, Daniel, Tim and Jeff