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Ghost of Lila Pearl Video

Well, here it is February 2012 and we are still at it and loving the support you folks show us! The video came out for Ghost of Lila Pearl and hit 1000 views in 48 hours. Wow! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQLl-_x0joQ

We've taken February off from playing while Troy enjoyed some time in Colorado. But now we are ready to get back at it in March with a couple of shows and a hometown show in Fort Worth in April and a Dallas show in May.

And we will start recording the new album in May, scheduled for a fall release. It's just gonna be a fun year so get your Americana boots on cuz we're bringin' it!

Thanks for being part of the Left Arm Tan family!

Troy, Daniel, Jeff and Tim

New EP in June

Hey LAT family, just wanted to check in and let you know what we are up to...

Important dates: May 27 - Love and War in Plano with Walt Wilkins. Our only Dallas date of the summer. June 18 - CD release party in Fort Worth at Filthy McNasty's. Our only Fort Worth show of the summer. Can't wait for you to meet Thurm, our new EP! June 23 - in studio performance at KISS 93.7 in Shreveport June 24 - Headlining the Peach Fest in Ruston, Louisiana. June 25 - A special CD release party for our friends in Nixa, Missouri. Come see us at Hooligan's Icehouse and drink a PBR with some of our bestest friends!

About the EP...dang, you are gonna love it! We recorded it with Robin Hood Brians (ZZ Top) and we went totally vintage. It's really just us playing in a studio with few overdubs and few "effects" - really has a Let it Be/Exile on Main Street vibe to it. And it's the best songs we've ever written. Troy and Daniel added some mandolin to a coupla songs, Tim played his fool head off on drums, and Jeff was puttin down more bottom end than Kirstie Allie....

About the songs... Well, we all write the tunes but usually there's what we call an "instigator" who gets it started. Troy wrote an incredible tune called Nowhere Blues...ever had that feelin' like you just gotta get in the truck and drive till you figure out where your life is headed? And Livin in My Heart is lyrically about knowing that what you have is way better than what you could ever dream. And musically the band just lays it all on the line - some serious playin'. Daniel got Gypsy Road and Ghost of Lila Pearl started and then the boys just jumped all over it. Gypsy is about lettin' the wild Gypsy Road bring you the girl of your, er... dreams. And Ghost of Lila Pearl is about a saloon showdown that didn't go as planned. But thank goodness for Haggard tunes that see us through the hard, paranormal times.

Lastly, let's just take a minute to thank the folks who have been coming to see us and support us. Really, you can't imagine how much we love our facebook friends and a list of people longer than our arms that we have to thank.... Tracy Turner, Kate and Paul Miller, the Austin, Hines, Scroggins and Manders extended families, Robin and Suzanne Brians, and Roger, Naara and Jen Kean plus our Nixa family...and thanks to the stations that are playing us! Can you believe that Roads is # 26 in Belgium and #38 in Norway?

Hey, if you would do us a favor... find us on facebook and "like" us. And tell us what you think. We wanna hear from ya!

Best, Troy, Daniel, Tim and Jeff

A big week ahead

So we've taken the month of February off from playing and we are about to get back at it folks. And in no small way either. This Friday (March 11) we are playing a free concert - complete with smoke and lasers. Who knows, there may even be livestock! And we are playing the show with some good friends that you've probably heard of. ;) It's the Art Reach concert - look on our show calendar for the time and address. This is a really special, once a year event and you shouldn't miss it. We'll also be recording the show (audio and video) so expect to see and hear some great tracks soon. And, two days later we go in to record our next CD - "Thurm". Four (possibly five) new originals and maybe even a cover. Recording again with the great Robin Hood Brians. Gonna be a busy run from here through the summer, so be prepared to hang that arm out the window and listen to the new tunes! We've missed you - the incredible LAT family. Jeff, Troy, Tim and Daniel

We won Song of the Year?

OK, we've had a day to process the idea that our song Wish could win Song of the Year by Saving Country Music. It still doesn't compute. But here's the honest truth, while we are super excited the real story is that Saving Country Music has really become our favorite media outlet to seek out music news and learn about great bands. We really encourage you to visit them on a regular basis - they just have a great voice for what's happening in non-traditional country music. And they have a lot of insightful commentary. If you want to read the article on us go here: http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/saving-country-music-2010-song-of-the-year-is-wish#comments We really lucked out. When we started this album we basically showed up for 5 rehearsals and worked out all the songs. Heck, Troy had never even met Tim at that point. And then we just went in to record an album for ourselves. Along the way we decided the proceeds from the album would go to buy children shoes. Really just pursuing our passions and never wanting to get involved in any sort of "search for labels and stardom" at all. But Wish certainly did become special along the way. The mix of the song just sort of "happened" and rather than jack with it we just kept it the way it came out and hoped for the best. So a big thank you goes out to the legendary Robin Hood Brians (ZZ Top) who recorded this album for us. He made it sound legit. And thanks to the LAT family - all of you make it great to play music and hang our arms out the window!

Hello Missouri!

Well, the band is pretty stoked about our trip to Missouri. It's funny because we are just as excited about hanging out together and making new friends as we are about playing our tunes. We started this thing about 2 years ago and could not have predicted where it would end up. Or maybe we could have? After all, if you start a band named Left Arm Tan and you just sort of naturally play hang-your-arm-out-the-window music, then it makes sense that we would go on a road trip. And what are road trips all about? Well, part of it is the journey with friends and part of it is looking forward to the friends you see when you arrive. So this week will be one of anticipation before we leave on Thursday. And like our song the Station says, "make some memories on the way." That's what we plan to do. And by the way, we will be recording the shows and hope to have some nice quality live tunes ready for you so you can feel like you went on this road trip with us. It's gonna be a fun trip and we look forward to seeing the LAT family soon! Troy, Jeff, Daniel and Tim

Video - Jan. 28 at Lindberg's

Check out the new video for our Jan 28 show. Funny. http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/8233901/

January - big month for LAT

Well kids, we've got some fun stuff going on this month. First, let's go ahead and thank everyone in the LAT family for such a great 2010. We put out an album, played some fun shows, got some international airplay (New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Germany, Norway, .....), sold quite a few CDs and donated shoes to Samaritan's Feet International. We were also nominated by Saving Country Music for Song of the Year (Wish). And we came in Second Place in the Best Song in the World contest, which is held by Gary Allen - the famous drummer for the Charlie Daniel's band. Now for January... We will be unveiling 5 new songs for our Aardvark and Missouri shows. Plus a handful of covers by songwriters/bands we love (Sons of Bill, Whiskeytown, Jerry Reed, Waylon Jennings). So we are playing ONE show in our hometown in January and then won't be back until March at the earliest. Then, we are off to Missouri for a 3 city run. And a road trip is what causes a Left Arm Tan, right? Kansas City, Springfield and Nixa. Kansas City - with the Blue Boot Heelers and KC Bear Fighters. You really need to check out both bands. Springfield - with the Cropdusters, another great band. Nixa - longer night with the fabulous Jen Kean opening. The best part is that we get to test out these songs live before we go into the studio in March to record the new EP, Thurm. And we get to hang out with some other great bands. We can't wait to see everyone at the shows! Keep that arm out the window! Jeff, Troy, Tim and Daniel

Nomination for Song of the Year - Saving Country Music

Well, I think we are pretty much dumbfounded by our nomination for Song of the Year. http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/tag/hank-iii Honestly, who cares if we win? It's just great that someone sat down and listened to the song in depth. What more could we ask for? This is probably a good time to thank everyone in the LAT family for enjoying the ride with us. Was really a great year and we are really excited for everyone to hear the new songs. For the album Jim we had 15 hours TOTAL to pull 11 songs together and get ready to record. Troy and Tim had never met before our first rehearsal! Then suddenly we are in the studio recording and it just seemed to come out OK. Now we are finally having time to write and rehearse the way we want - so hang on folks! Thanks to everyone. Really. Tim, Troy, Daniel and Jeff

Funny video for our trip to Missouri

So let us know what you think of our video to promote our shows in Kansas City... http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/8057217/

Take the Ranch survey

Hey, 95.9 The Ranch has released a new music survey. Tell em what you think. http://959theranch-30814.listenersurvey.com?eqai=OTQ3NzAzMjY