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Artist Statement

Well, y’all, I am coming to terms with the fact that I need an outlet to be open about who I am and what I need to build my higher self so I can move forward into my life purpose. I felt that being private about my sexuality was protecting my down time; really, who was I kidding, but myself? So, when writing these new songs, poems, prose and short screen plays I could not hold back the passion as to why I go through the changes I go through with the womyn I am intimately interacting with in these ciphers. This art is about choice. It’s about the healthy choices I’ve made where there has been no blueprint put into place to teach me. As Audre Lorde says, “You have to pick things up non verbally because people will never tell you what you’re supposed to know.” This is my ideological way of exploring the sensual, sexual, political and philosophical part of my liberation without apology while affirming the deep yearning in the womb. “Womb Work” is what I call it.

— Poet On Watch[

Would You Harbor Me?

From The Community Literature Series By Poet On Watch & Friends


I would harbor you sister/even when the feds are after our very essence/harbor you in the mist of the southern willow trees/the unknowing/among the moon lit daybreak/while they search and I howl at the midnight sun as we move through time together.

I would harbor you sister despite race class religion politics or sexual orientation/I would harbor you knowing we are all one; in spite of those who wish to tear apart our union, our houses, our countries, even our very bodies.

I would harbor your face, your curves, your breasts, your womb, your children, your thoughts, your dreams, your love. I would harbor you like my own daughter, mother, sister/I would harbor you through war, debt, death and destruction/I would harbor you through beatings, disease, love, hate, breakups, weddings, funerals, longing, heartache and return.

I would bring you hand squeezed juices, raw food, hot elixir, menthol salve and my granny’s quilt/with bowl of water under bed, amethyst around you/breathing in nag champa/faint smells of lavender I wear between.

I watch/you sleep/like a mother that protects her eggs as you dream/waiting in turn like double dutch to jump in...to get uncle, stranger, daddy, teacher, preacher off you/sister I will harbor you as we discuss the unfortunates and I will always ask if you are ok.

I would harbor you/even when you look strong/but turning into stone in your weakest moments/weep/grieve/rejoice the love with you/provide a safe haven for your wounds/call the healer to touch you/ask her to keep it quiet in the darkness of the night/ burn sage/light candles/breathe and pray for you/ask for forgiveness for us/even in the midst of your anger/madness/sadness/when folks say it’s way too much/just suck it up/shut it up/I listen.

I would harbor you from grief and depression/I would remind you of your smile and our laughter, of better day’s behind/ ahead/and right now/I would hide you from your own self-criticism and shame.

Sistren, I would harbor you in the healing crevices of the Goddesses soul/Take your hand, carefully guiding you through distant lands/The salve of my words rebirth you a reminder your spirit is whole/You are freedom, you are love—no more guilt or shame/LOVE is your birthright, to explore this land/LOVE is in your DNA makeup which spells your name/I labor not in vain/I share my truth and the life born of my seed/Sistren I would harbor you/ in covenant/for you I bleed.

To be cont ...

Poet On Watch, Anchor Nubian Sun, Trista Hendren, Infinitely Irradiance,

Not On My Watch

NOT ON MY WATCH By Poet On Watch From The Texas Heat Series


Will we not lay here next to each other/ exposed/ emotions/ bare/ ass /naked your body/


From the not so fitted cotton/ gray/ flannel/ sheets/ Soft/ Wet/ Warm and, and grimy from the nights love oil and you calling my name/

While AYE/ listen for the heartbeat of your wisdom between you’re legs While sipping on your inspiration


Will I hunger in the darkness Pant like wolves do/ WONDER, But not caring/ who hears the screams THE MOANS The Ahhhhh SHIT, Uh/ MAMA, Daddy kind of ass slaps

Me on top/ on bottom STRAPPED/ STRAPPED,

To the headboard STRAPPED/ STRAPPED

To the footboard STRAPPED/ STRAPPED Candle wax, drippings, drips, drippings all down your ass crack/

my eyes ignore the salt/ sting/ stare YOU / WATCH ME EVER SO CLOSELY wiping down the windows that tell the stories


Will you hold back the WHISPERS Those that seep between streams of consciousness

WHISPERS Those that seep between streams of orgasms

WHISPERS Those that seep between streams of confessions While your lips just sang the gospel in the next pew/ Girrrl..


Will we play games with each other like little girls do, On seesaws of emotions and merry go rounds of drama

CAUSE, BABY/ WE BOTH KNOW WHAT THIS IS and it is what it is/so/ let’s be ok with it BECAUSE, you set it up that way


Will I/ Can I / Ignore this tunnel like vision Block out all outside influences Lock us into the heat of this passion HIDE AWAY THE KEY FOR TOMORROW So/ We can stay present for each other today

NOT ON MY WATCH Will you not tell me you love me

NOT ON MY WATCH Will I not say ok

By Poet On Watch © June 8, 2009 Time: 11:32 pm, CST, Austin, Texas

Let Freedom Ring

By Poet On Watch™ From The Texas Freedom Series © Nov 1, 2009 / 11:06 AM, CST, Austin Texas Played in the Key of C: World beat vibe

We’re talkin’ about Nation building We’re talkin’ about the family We’re talkin’ about what would it take to really be free

Freeee Birrrd/ Free as the deep blue sea Freeee Birrrd/ No more shackles bonding we Freeee Birrrd/ Free as the deep blue sea Freeee Birrrd/ No more shackles bonding me

Pop, pop goes the lock on the pen-i-ten-tia-ries


To the MOST HIGH / Too the deep blue sea/ We’s free/ Free like those big willow trees Free of all this poverty/ Free to the connection of Ancient Kemet you see/ we are free/ free to just be


Let freedom ring/ Let freedom ring Let freedom ring across the nation


Let freedom ring across the races


Let freedom ring /Today/ Today/ We got to get up/ get out/ and get something

To those on terminal lock down Be it electronic, on paper or in the mind Your now free/

Free to be whom you need to be With no more mental slavery With no more penitentiaries/ cause knowledge is free but you must bring your own container today , today, today


Pop, pop goes the lock on the pen-i-ten-tia-ry of


I’m a free bird, I’m a free bird I’m a free bird, I’m a free free bird

I’m a free bird, I’m a free bird I’m a free bird, I’m a free free bird

I’m a free bird, I’m a free bird

I’m as free as the blue jay that’s perched Outside our window pane on the branch of that old oak tree/ sisters and brother our roots run deep and I’m filled with you blood/ brain/ soul/

deep as the womb of my mother to rise of this nation this connection is Ancient

feed me to my heart desire and the air still reeks of all this war like glory and I’m sick of it

still sipping on hot green tea just to keep down the heavy signing it happens a lot

heat throbbing

made to feel like reciprocity is the key cause I’m free to be all of me hope fully you’re free to be who you need to be

black stallion rider on the horizon I’m still listening to the inside of your poems

rumbling hysteria I say

we speak in blues tongue

Freeee Birrrd/ Free as the deep blue sea Freeee Birrrd/ No more shackles bonding me Freeee Birrrd/ Free as the deep blue sea Freeee Birrrd/ No more shackles bonding we


Let freedom ring/ Let freedom ring Let freedom ring in the morning


Let freedom ring/ Let freedom ring Let freedom ring across the nation


Let freedom ring across the genders

We’re talkin’ about Nation building y’all We’re talkin’ about land grab y’all We’re talkin’ about community redevelopment y’all

Let freedom ring in Uganda Let Freedom ring In Indonesia Let Freedom ring in Sudan Let freedom ring in Palestine Let freedom ring in your own homes

Freedom ain't free because somebody is paying the price for it.

No more shackles bonding we No more no more mental slavery No more pen-i-ten-tia-ries

To the MOST HIGH / To the deep blue sea/ We’s free/ free to just be

What I want In My Bed

I love/care for/respect the timelessness in our passion/ our age/ your commitment/ our poetry/ But/ I did not ask you to peek in/ So how did you know my dreams

Mouth still on fire from the body shots the night before/ hunger grows/ But/ All I could think of this morning is smelling your wetness before I smelled your coffee/

feeling the smooth surface of your skin under my finger tips/

turning over to your morning joy with sunshine beaming through my gaped-teeth/ sneaking a touch on the side as your feet touch mine/ rubbing my hands up your thigh/ My kisses inviting you to ass play by blowing heat onto the small of your back/ with you asking me questions

"like this lover, you want me to roll over like this"

I whisper and turn you/ on your stomach/ not really awake/ That's how I want it

Seeing you smile for the first time in a long time/ That's how I want it/

You talking dirty to me in my REM state/ That's how I want it/

Me moaning in my sleep again/ That's how I want it/

I make you wet in the morning and you make me tea What a dream..