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April 2011 - EOS Music LOVE The Judes !

April 2011 - EOS Music LOVE The Judes ! Can it get any hotter!? More good news from the team at EOS Music. The bands entire catalogue has been approved for air play in their mall music programs for the entire USA. This will mean that next time you go shopping in a mall you are more than likely going to hear the lads playing their killer brand of music that is ' The Judes '. Thanks go out to the Blue Pie License Team as well as a big special thanks to Suzanne Carey for the non-stop submissions that she does for the band.

sylkay  (about 7 years ago)

This is fabulous news Congrats well deserved

March 2011 - The Judes Destiny is fulfilled !

The lads are scorching hot at the moment and have landed another placement in the new Australian Indie Feature Film ' Dealing With Destiny '. The bands song 'Someone Like You' is featured in the film. It seems that the lads musical destiny is becoming clearer these days with all the film placements, and the band is on the rise. LOOK OUT and LISTEN 'coz you may just be listening to the Judes!

March 2011 - The Judes give the love up for the Irish !

The Judes give the love up for the Irish. The new single 'St Patricks Army' from the Judes is a kicker and was released on St Patricks day. ABC Newcastle like the lads and have been playing the song 'St Patricks Army' constantly since we dropped the track to their offices. Sara Smithson, The Judes Manager has been flat out with all the calls that have been flowing in. The new single will be available at all leading digital retailers over the course of the next 2 months. You can listen to the track currently on myspace as well as at the bands YOU LICENSE site www.youlicense.com/Artist/TheJudes

Little i on itunes

Hey everyone! The radio single of the song "Little i" is now available on itunes! You won't be able to find this version of the song on any album anywhere, ever, so be sure to check it out! http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/the-judes/id382187362 Peace, Love, & Music, The Judes