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The search is over! In early April I got a call from a 3 piece needing a singer, and just like that we've solved each others problems and Micropsia has been formed! Over the last month a lot of work has gone into collaborating music into one big sound! "Unrequited Love" is now almost complete, and new guitar parts have been written for "Bad Company" which is now just awaiting lyrics. Hope to have some tracks for you to hear very soon, so keep your eyes and your ears peeled!

Unrequited Love pt2

There's a new version of Unrequited Love uploaded! Vocal tracks have been added, now all that's needed is some drum n bass - instrumental or electronic? - to fill out the sound!


Unrequited Love

Another guitar track coming your way, this is a new one, lyrics are written just need recording. Hopefully will have lyrics up for all tracks by the weekend!


Got another guitar track for ya! It's an old song this one, written not too long after Wasted. Lyrics are fully written just need recording. If anything this was my attempt at a metal power ballad, enjoy!

Anonymous Collaboration

Got another track for you to check out! This one's from a collaboration jam from last week with Anonymous! Enjoy!

Single Man

Just started writing a new riff/song, the feel is good and some lyrics have already hit the page! In the mean time enjoy a first recording of the rhythm guitar!

Synchronicity is recruiting!

The writing of an album worth of rhythm guitar & vocals is near completion! All that is needed to fill the void are a lead guitarist, drummer & bass guitarist. I'm looking for rock stars who want to spend the next 10-20 years playing festivals all over the world! So if you think that's you apply to audition today!