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Brown Eyed Handsom Man

Chuck Berry has to be mentioned whenever the Genesis of Rock N Roll is read to our children; Whenever somebody is describing why there is humor in music; whenever someone asks for an example of coolness. There will always be subjective views about the greatest guitar players and the most accurate musical technicians.There will be long discussions about who made an impact on entire generations with their art. I submit that in every discussion Chuck Berry's fingerprints can be found. He was given real talent by God and used shear willpower to make the world notice him and his electric guitar. He gave hope to millions of budding entertainers: the hope that they were one duck walk away from getting the girl, driving the new Cadillac or stamping their ticket to immortality. Of course most of that was fantasy. He had some real hang ups. He did time, he had trust issues. He also died. He made it 90 years. He was and is the king of rock and roll to John Lennon, Keith Richards and little old me. I hope you are now at peace Charles Edward Anderson Berry


Thanks for the over 10,000 plays of my songs.

Thanks For The Plays

Thanks for playing my songs and videos on Reverb nation. This is a big deal to me . I don't play out that much anymore so the main interaction I have with an audience is on this site. Your plays encourage me to keep writing and adding songs. So play them often and tell your friends. Support independent Music !

I'll miss Merle

So sorry to learn of Merle passing. One of my favorite memories was seeing him and his band playing at Dr. Gene Scott's church service. He messed up the lyrics on one of his songs and Gene made him play it over! When Gene's dad died Merle sang at the funeral. We were so looking forward to him headlining the Muskogee G-fest this spring...

Meet Me in Muskogee

New video edit of Meet Me in Muskogee now on You Tube and here at Reverb Nation. (Be careful many subliminal messages about dancing, "touristing" and eating BBQ)

Going For It

Reached Number Two on the Muskogee rankings. Thanks for all the plays and for promoting my site.

Soundtrack for The Diner

Two of my songs were used in the upcoming movie The Diner. Why Must You Pick Up Stones and Eternally Grateful also my daughter's song Mold Me was included. Be watching for the movie and soundtrack

Faith Walk Again

The record is better than I had dreamed. Thanks to all who participated especially Richard Cummins who produced and played Drums Bass Keyboard Guitars and sang. If you listened to the podcast at the end of the record you know how excited I am to have my hero Randy Stonehill singing with me from his studio in Hollywood and Muskogee's own guitar hero Shane Curtis is on a track as well.That's Michael Davis gettin' after the banjo on Faith Walk Again. Robert Smith is a devoted worshipper who plays a mean sax. He also holds me accountable as a Christian brother.Randys partner Mike Pachelli adds guitar and vocals on the Between the Cracks reprise, conceived by Richard, it makes Faith Walk Again a concept album. Canadian Travis Thuro plays a mean B-3 and Michele Cummins is an actress pretending to be a pastors secretary on the first track Master photoghpher Kimberly Smith is responsible for the images on this project and after seeing this cd on the rack in stores next to the big boys I am confident that the entire package is a good as any major label release out there. Let me know what you think as well Ted Aukerman 12-29-09