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This crazy thing I do

They say the number one fear people have is speaking in public, and that the number two fear is death. Public speaking is scarier than death? That means at a funeral, most people would rather be lying in the casket than giving the eulogy.

However, there are people who are crazy enough to not only speak but sing in front of people. Lots of people do it, but none the less, it's pretty crazy.

Lots of people sing, some good, some bad. There are good singers who lack confidence, and never sing outside of the shower or a moving vehicle, and the world misses a great talent. There are bad singers who shouldn't even sing in the shower, but they think they have a shot at being the next American Idol even after Simon Cowell tells them they're dreadful, and the world gets a good laugh.

Add an instrument to the mix, and the formula grows more complex. Add writing your own song to the mix, and the formula borders on pure theory.

So what makes someone crazy enough to step up to a microphone, in a coffeehouse or a club full of strangers, and sing and play guitar to a set of lyrics they have written?

Are they just having fun? Are they trying to convey a message? Are they trying to tell a story? Are they protesting some injustice? Are they just trying to get a laugh?

I can only speak for myself... Do I have fun doing this? Absolutely. Am I trying to convey a message? Often. Am I trying to tell a story? Sometimes. Am I protesting some injustice? Rarely. Am I trying to get a laugh? Now and then.

It is my hope that something I say in these songs resonates deep within the listener. It's my hope that I will find those who'll listen and come watch as I do this crazy thing I do and connect with the songs.

Thanks in advance for being a part of this journey. Jonathon Ferris