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Studio Update

I love the progress that's being made on my upcoming Melodic Revolution Records release "Rawfully Organic" This album is a much more intimate production than my previous release, "Tell Me Something." It gives myself, Bob Romans & Chris Remediani the opportunity to create "on the Fly" so to speak. I chose to release ALL covers on this one, just to get my feet wet on using my own studio. Very Experimental.

Here is the track listing. 1) Wallflower 2) Family Snapshot 3) Here comes the flood 4) Love to be loved 5) More fool me 6) Many Too Many 7) Afterglow 8) Alone Tonight 9) Since I lost You 10) This Must be Love 11) The Roof is Leaking 12) You know what I mean.

Rawfully Organic Sessions Day One

Great session yesterday for the new album. Shot some cool video to go with it at well. Looking forward to great reworkings of Peter Gabriel's Wallflower, and Phil Collins' The Roof is Leaking. Many thanks to Bob Romans for helping to co produce these session with me. Myself, Bob and Chris Remediani are very excited about the outcome!