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Can't get enough? add these other channels for more music

Can't get enough? add these other channels for more music

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My love for music has always been a genuine passion. I enjoy sharing my life and My experience hoping I can teach others that there is always a next choice or a next path you can take. I write music in many different lights; as for instance the villain, hero, lost, found, sad, confuse, happy, mad, confident, unsure, rich, poor, lover, heartbreaker, my visions, my dreams, ups and my downs while exploring my raw emotions. I write to vent and for others that can’t speak for themselves, who might have share the same views or never look at life the way that I do. I never try to impose my ways on others; all I ask is for you to listen before you are a judge. Many go through life and believe that they have been dealt a bad hand and they are more real than others because of what they been through but in actuality they blow up their hardship, when they put themselves in that drama. I believe being real is when you can teach someone off your own failures in life and not encouraging them to make the same mistake because you want someone suffers as you did. I enjoy everything about music, now that I can make beats I can deliver it the way I intend. I love performing, writing, dancing, making beats and engineering, it is such a high when you complete a great song.

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