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New music!!

Whats up everyone well i know its been a min since weve really done anything..but we in the finshing process of B.A.T's album and also working to complete Tristate's album as well. we gonna have a hug show for the album release..gonna be big..keep your ear to the mic

thank you

wow so for the past 2 weeks so many people have added us .be-friended us..lol..its crazy. well we working on our second mixtape..the first one took us so damn long to do. i hope the wait was worth it to the people who have bee with us from day one.thank u all once again

new artist

hello all, so ive been geting message about beening feat on a track with tristate..guys if you may send me a copy of ur track u want us on and we can talk via email and send eachother the files...hit me up on my email with tracks. edwincisneros9@gmail.com

goodmorning world

well i hope to get more work done today.want to let u all know to please check out my mind is flying. you can buy the track on our store. want to say whats up to my myspace friends. just got one yesterday. also one more thing please if u can add our link to ur page help spread the infection. tristate's on the move

in the booth

chlling in the booth..working on a new track,,,bout to place new songs on here.. check out FREAK SHOW!!!!! new track

bout to meet up with the whole crew

so since we started really working on the label all four of us have not met up. well today is the day.lets see what we can come up with

Just a thought

so we have just started planning the lable and finshed up our first good demo. And yet we cant come up with a good name..damn it..