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CD Release/Sunday, 10/30/11, Artists' Quarter,Downtown St. Paul, MN

Tony is currently working on making you lose your mind. Come to his Halloween show at the Artists' Quarter downtown St. Paul - where he will emerge from a coffin... Because only for the reason that the RUMOR IS: Tony Criss is DEAD!!!

This is an unusual Album Release Party! Some people talk it... some people be it... You will surely hear voices for the rest of your days after viewing this show .... or any performance by... Thee Grreat Tony Criss!

We feel sorry for you whether you attend the show or not. That is, if you do attend you will be SCARED FOREVER!!!! So bring yo' Mamma, yo' Poppa and yo' In-laws you hate too! Love to thrill 'em with a big old boo! HaHaHa!! Love Peace ... And Chicken Grease . P.S. It is said that Tony's back up band is so cold that they committed sideways while playing #$%^&*()!!!!!

Jam Session Nov. 14, 2009 in Wisconsin

Tony will be visiting Springvalley Wisconsin November 14, 2009 to Jam out some Blues and other recycled good music at Screamin' Chicken's Ranch, along with Larry (Sceamin' Chicken), Kyle, Bret and a slew of other young and fabulous musicians, and music lovers.