My Promise To My Fans

Hy (ie, 'music') has many kheredew or Xrdw (ie. 'children'), you call them 'songs'. Many of these 'children' are of high birth. It is these that I came to bring to you.


'Ahmose'; artist, musician, vocalist/singer, songwriter; the one who brings forth the 'first occasion', every time. I came to claim my office as the head official, the lector priest in the temple of khnt (ie.'Music'), in the Per Ankh (ie. 'House of Life') to be the f.o.r.e.m.o.s.t. one in this House. One song at a time. May my stride be wide upon this journey! My reward is in the doing of this great... happening.

To you who read this I say to you... "Ankh, wdja, seneb; dua, duaw; th-ankh you; em hotep & shem hotep"

The Horus, strong bull of his Mwt (ie. 'Mother'), Son of Re'... Ahmose