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Merry Holidazze

Well, my my my...Aren't we inquisitive during the buttass cold of winter!? If you are looking for something new to give to a Shames fan, then email theshames@live.com for a t-shirt. Our four latest tracks that were analog-recorded and mixed at the Conservatory with Morgan earlier this year are getting vocal overdubs this winter. We hope to have something to produce by early 2014. Until then, stay thirsty my friends.


Jello is so fuckin punk rock and motivated me to continue fighting against corporate takeover. Much respect and for those who don't know the history of why DK split, you should get your fuckin facts straight-buy from Alternative Tentacles fockers! Thanks to everyone who made the Jello Biafra show possible! It was too bad they couldn't be here on a fri or sat night cuz I think a lot more peops would have been able to attend, however for those that went you were STOKED!! I mean, Jello and the new band are so badass--it's more punk than surf rock, I dunno why peops keep sayin it's mellow. Ha!! Plus all the bands melted faces off with their loud and fast rock. I appreciate all of you who made it or supported this show. Thanks to The Alley for having us open for such a killer lineup and we look forward to more punk shows in Reno/Sparks! We have a few good recordings to release in early 2014 and are hoping to have a 7" very soon. Keep it positive 33, penny

$15 Tix for Nov 17 Jello Biafra, Pins of LIght, Shames, OutforWar

You should contact us for presale tix to support Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine show!! email us: theshames@live.com. We will deliver in the Reno/Sparks area free of charge. This show will be Sunday, Nov 17 at the Alley in Sparks, NV

We open for Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine! Plus Halloween

HELL...O! :) We are excited to blow minds and melt faces Friday Oct 18 at 40mile-our cover set is short so be on time to Holland's Halloween party if you can. Not sure if we go on at midnite or earlier. We will have discount tix avail Friday, for Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine (with us, Pins of Light, and Out for War). Come up and talk to me-I'll be dressed as Bride of Frankie! Happy Halloween to all!

$10 PRESALE TIX: SWINGIN UTTERS at The Alley, Sparks, NV on Fri, SEPT 6th

BADASS SHOW Friday, September 6th at The Alley in Sparks, NV and we deliver presales throughout Reno and Sparks! Just hit us up theshames@live.com, or text 7752234846 and leave a phone number. The Shames are so glad to be a part of supporting punk rock, and Reno!


www.kwss.org, tune in from 8pm-10pm. Somewhere during that time, you will hear us play a 30 minute set live from Independent Radio station,KWSS at 103.7 FM.

2013 Spring Tour Journal Coming Soon

So ready to be back on tour a week from Friday. We have a lot to look forward to in 2013! Rock n roll fun NOW! time to keep it positive


You can purchase tickets to our show with The Dwarves here or on facebook, and use credit card/paypal. We will ship them to you for the price of a stamp!

Yeah yeah yeah

There are so many free shows coming up that you have many chances to come see us this summer! And how about that trip to Sparks you have been dying to take? yes, you...The Alley is the latest buzz over there where Vixen's used to be on Victorian Avenue. We'll be playing there for an all ages gig July 24th with a very talented showcase featuring The Phenomenauts, The Humans, The Shames, and Luminous Unknown..it's 10 bux that gets you in all night long.


We would love you to check out some great SF Punk bands and get rowdy with us for a Sunday night on 4th Street. Renohhhh!