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One Year to the Day

It has been exactly 1 year to the day since we released our album, Waiting for the Season, and to celebrate we are happy to announce that it is in the pot for the Scottish Album of the Year award (http://www.sayaward.com/).

You can check out some tunes from the album (and download a couple for free) at www.soundcloud.com/ardentjohn and buy yourself a copy from our website, www.ardentjohn.com/shop

We just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the years.

FREE download

Guys. Grab yourselves a free download from our new album. Only 100 free available. Go to https://soundcloud.com/ardentjohn/apart-dont-dream-me-bad to get yours

London Tour Dates’ Magazine

Ardent John:

When The Time Comes

Slow Train Records

Hailing from the Edinburgh music scene, where they are garnering a strong reputation since forming in 2005, Ardent John have just released this seven-track mini-album for our delectation.

Opening with a lovely, spacey, slowbuilding instrumental, they push into a more delicate set of songs, showing more of the nineties indie influence.

As the album progresses, it encompasses hints of The Music, with a willingness to go for the big, psychedelic-tinged growers, as well as tighter, bouncy numbers that play lightly on folk and country influences in a manner similar to the earlier, magpie-era Coral.

This is an impressive debut.