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New Disaster and Vains of Jenna Set To Rock Austin

“I know how men in exile feed on dreams.” ~ Aeschylus

Leave it to a guy who calls himself 2Fast2Die to sweet-talk the ND boys to come out of their self imposed exile of writing-writing-writing and coax them onstage. The rumors are indeed true; New Disaster will be playing with Swedish rockers Vains of Jenna December 7, 2010 in Austin, TX at the very rocking house of noise: Red 7.

Also on the bill: young, up and coming Red River rock contenders, Yayo Band as well as The Act Rights.

"Party on a Tuesday like it's Saturday night..." So come out. It's a Tuesday night. So what? Call in sick if you need to. This is going to be an awesome show. New Disaster might even play a few of the new songs they've been keeping under wraps. Definitely worth checking out that night. ALL AGES.

Check out the Facebook event here for more info and RSVP.

See you there.

Disaster Fest - 2010

Disaster Fest is upon us, my friends. Less than a month to go until the full-on 3 day weekend madness that will traverse Texas in 3 different towns, 3 different nights, with 3 different headliners... A small tiny minuscule cross section of the amazing rock that Texas has to offer.

Find these towns on a map... San Angelo, San Antonio, and Austin. Now there's an interesting love triangle.

How many bands? Chingos. Here are some. Be sure to check them out here and on Reverbnation and everywhere.

The Heroine The Bexar County Bastards Shotgun Rebels White Rhino Thunderosa Sabbath Crow The Gentlemen’s Social Club Velvet Brick Big Dirty Shakedown Hot Crush Burning Avalanche Black Bone Child Crash at Crush Amplified Heat Drowning Mona 3 Kisses The Killing Floor Jonny Pecker BugGiRL (honorary Texans from Australia)

There will be drink specials, food, and rock N’ roll and only for $5.00. So come out for a Disasterous Weekend. Disaster Fest 2010. COME TO ALL 3. We will.