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George Strait

When I was a young kid, little did I know the impact George Strait would have on my life. As a matter of fact, when my Step mother brought home the movie Pure Country in 1992, it was the LAST thing I wanted to watch. At 8 years old in the early nineties, if it wasn’t The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who the hell cares? However, I had already started to walk down the path of music so it was of course going to grab my attention, but at first glance, my first question was who is George Strait and why would I want to watch this stupid love movie. About 30 seconds into the opening song, Heartland, little did I know, my life was changing forever.

That was a Friday. By the time Sunday came around I believe I had watched the movie 4 times, even taking a pass on the Bills game (yes in the era when they were unstoppable). Now that I think about it, it might of even been the weekend the Bills posted the largest comeback in NFL history against the Houston Oilers. Who cares about that when I was learning country music from the King of all things country music.

I was now a fan for life. Hard to imagine that in my young career, I can say “twenty years ago” to anything. Well it’s true, I have been a diehard George Strait fan for 20 years. What’s even harder to imagine is he was already the King of country music by that time. He had already raked in multiple awards from the ACM’s and CMA’s, had multiple gold and platinum records, and the ladder to an ungodly amount of number one hits was in place. I think back and thank my step mother for force feeding me that movie because without it, I might be singing Polka songs right now. Who knows?

Through high school, I devoted my spare time to studying George Straits career. I was also learning music (the creative part, yes it does exist) and decided that no matter what the cost, the heartache, the trials, the lack of money, the…you get it; I was doing this for a living. There weren’t (and still isn’t) any other options for me. I did however realize early on that a career like George’s can’t be modeled. He was a one of kind act, much like Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash. You can learn from artists like this, but you aren’t allowed to copy their business model because it was custom tailored to them and only them. By the way, no one wants a second copy cat George Strait because it will never be as good as the original. Much like most sequels are in movies (and sorry George, this includes Pure Country 2, but we won’t talk about that any further), they just can’t be touched.

Anyways, there's a little piece of why I sing country music! :)

Im Gettin Gone

No, im not really going anywhere. It's a new demo we released yesterday for our fans to give us input on. It will only be up for a limited time as we piece together this new album. Please let us know what you think. Some big changes upcoming so check back. As always, Im belssed to ahve your continued support and none of you know how much it really means to me. Thank you so much!!! -Paul


I promice I will get to posting something later today! :)