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C.D. Release February 8th!

I will be celebrating the release of "One More Time Again" Friday February 8th at the Rattle Inn, Austin TX. 9pm. Featuring Matt Giles, Jessica Will, Joel Duhon, Jim Hawkins, and Jimmy Dundon. Following us will be great local honky-tonkers Darren Hoff and the Hard Times. Going to be a great show!

One More Time Again

Once more, after a five year hiatus, I am back in the studio. I am recording at Jumping Dog Studios in Austin TX, a 13 song album entitled "One More Time Again". The album features "Breakups" members Joel Duhon, Jessica Will, and Adam Burchfield. There are 11 original tunes, the title track (co-written by drummer Joel Duhon), and a cover of a Jimmy Dundon (my dad) song called "Messy World". It's guaranteed to be a heart-wrenching, butt-shaking good time.