~It’s Not Easy Being Green~

July 24, 2009 (Friday) Iguana vs St. Paul P.D.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

On Wednesday, July 22nd 2009, several 911 calls were made to report two masked-men involved in a, "Robbery in progress", at Willie’s Americans Guitars in St. Paul, Minnesota. Eye witnesses confirmed that the first officer to arrive on the scene ordered the men to immediately remove their masks, but that the masked men didn't respond. The officer unsnapped his holster and stood in a ready-to-fire position while shouting, “I will not warn you again. Remove your masks!".

The men reluctantly began removing their masks. One of the men calmly said, "Officer.... we're a rock band". The officer then went into Willie’s to check out the story. Apparently, no one had informed the St. Paul police department of the live video interview "IGUANA" was "shooting" that day.

"IGUANA", a hard rock band known for elaborate Lizard costumes and effective stage presence, showed up at Willie’s American Guitars in full rock regalia to promote their new CD, "Shed Your Skin". A spokesperson for the band said that they were stuck in traffic and running about 15 minutes late for the shoot. "We made several calls to the producer but all we got was his voice mail...". If the cameras would have been rolling, the band confirms that the whole thing would've been caught on video and posted on YouTube! Rock Lexington (the band's drummer) said, "The incident was exhilarating". Doc Lexington (lead singer/guitarist) stated that when he heard the sirens, he told the guys, laughingly, "They're coming for us". Master Slice (sound engineer for the band's "Shed Your Skin" CD) just smiled and said, “It’s not easy bein' green”.