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Ghalib Ghallab - to perform at Park Street Mews Colombo, Sri Lanka

January 7 thru 10, 2010

Harpos' Cafes & Restaurants present the famed Jazz Legend Ghalib Ghallab Jazz Experience from Las Vegas, NV., featuring Jihad Ghallab his son (Drums) and Rick Arroyo (Percussion) at Park Street Mews Colombo, Sri Lanka on January 7 thru 10, 2010.

The stylish jazz pianist, composer and compelling vocalist continues to enthrall audiences in his adapted home town of Las Vegas since 1989.

He serves up a unique blend of musical influences from latin sambas, Strident modern Funk to classical trio format jazz, and rollicking Road-House Blues.

He has been one of Las Vegas most requested and respected entertainers.