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THe song the Fighter

To all our loyal fans, let's get the word out about our song The Fighter to see if we can get Mark Walhberg to take a look at it to be featured on the sound track for the Movie they just film in Lowell MA based on the Mickey Warde life story!! Let put it on the map!!!!

Winner announcement for 2nd place

Sacrafyc give it up for soundclick HipHop Pounding beats with several layers of synth harmonies. Lyrics are promoting being on SoundClick, the support staff is mentioned as well. Good hook. We like also that several times the song flow is intentionally broken with a “SoundClick – Hey” chant.

Interview sound hustle

Personal Info The next big thing coming out of Bean Town and the Mill City Ma, Sacrafyc and his brother Cardiac both forming the hit duo C.P.R aka Corporate Power Rennaisance, Have been consistently setting stages and recording booths on fire with there amazingly creative hooks and fire hot lyrics. Debut album "ITS A RAP" was sold independantly and moved over 5000 units (not bad for no promotion)including smash singles "Caramel Kisses" and "Dangerous" thru out all of Mass and surrounding New England. To hear more tracks by Sacrafyc and/or C.P.R go to www.soundclick.com/cprboston or www.myspace.com/cprboston Sacrafyc and the gang are about to release the cpr mixtape "BETTER THAN YOU volume 1 and Sacrafyc's "The fire Within" volume 1" support the lyricist now and reep the benefits in the future

Sound click interview

Sacrafyc :: artist page » 6 songs and 4 free mp3 downloads @ music Why this name? Sacrafyc (pronounced sacrafice) was given to him because of his strong loyalty and work ethic for his team, Do you play live? all day every day How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry? easily how else can u sit in Boston and contact rome without even getting up??????? Would you sign a record contract with a major label? it depends, money talks Band History: Sacrafyc is one half of the hit duo CPR, Sacrafyc has a quick unique delivery with overpowering lyrics and emotional subject matter, the 2005 debut release for CPR "ITS A RAP" was a hard hitting classic that has opened the door for this artist to flourish into one of the greatest unsigned artist of today, With the help of SUREFIRE music group Sacrafyc and the CPR gang is headed for the top of the food chain. Sacrafyc's debut album " A MAN ON FIRE" will release august 2007 keep your eyes open Favorite spot? Mill city Beantown Anything else...? Sacrafyc's debut "The Fire within" releases Nov 07

HipHopAve interview part 3

HipHopAve: and you're releasing that independantly or are you trying to get a deal going? Sacrafyc: this album is being released independantly. I have contacts with an A&r named Dart from interscope and another from universal that is showing interest, so hopefully something happens HipHopAve: have you dropped any albums or mixtapes before? Sacrafyc: yeah in 2005 we released the cpr debut ITS A RAP which did ok we had a wide genre of songs on the album and we also released a online mixtape called CPR presents the office Bettar than u volume 1 which ha crazy downloads, but other then that its been all features ya dig had to waiit till we get it right its quality over quantity HipHopAve: what do you consider as your biggest accomplishment as a emcee? Sacrafyc: my biggest accomplishment i would have to say was doing the intro music for the former super middleweight champ Joey spina , walking him to the ring infront of 5000 screaming fans is crazy HipHopAve: so you're making moves and coming up, where do you want to be in 5 years? Sacrafyc: i want to be sitting behind an expensive desk signing other artist to pave a path for the future of hip hop, i also want to be a civil leader for under privileged kids in the hoods of america its a sad sad thing to see and i want to help change that HipHopAve: who have some of your biggest influences been? Sacrafyc: my brother Cradiac is by far my number one influence , i also have to go with Big Pun his word play was crazy R.I.P Biggie smalls had the stories on lock R.I.P and tupac the emotion was bannanas .. But mainly being a Product of my environment molded me into the person i am today so i go to mention the streets of Boston to HipHopAve: some people have said hip hop had it's time in the limelight and the mainstream focus will soon come off it. What do you think? Sacrafyc: never that...its too big of a movement, all u have to do is put on the tv and see for yourself, u got everything from shoes to lawyer adds rapping, u have people like Dale earnhart jr in rap videos, u have rappers winning oscars and owning pro sports teams no sir hip hop is just getting startted HipHopAve: how have online media sites (ex. myspace) helped you? Sacrafyc: I think its a gift and a curse its great for people coming up and getting your music out to the world but again it sux because it has every tom dick aand jane with a voice box thinking they the shit, i personally prefer soundclick.com and the rap sites like HIPHOPAVE.NET and things in that nature , i like the whole honest opinions u get from the real fans of hip hop not the people looking for the flash in the pan u knw HipHopAve: so what advice would you give to new artists trying to get known? Sacrafyc: hustle hustle hustle, your work and talent only gets noticed if you get out there and bust your ass, i never heard of an artist getting a deal sitting at home freestyling for his 5 friends if u nice prove it and grind grind grind, never stop no matter what get your peoples involved hiphop 101 get your hood to love you and then expand from there..... HipHopAve: well said. Thanks, for you time Sac, anything else you wanna mention? Sacrafyc: no doubt good looking out family, let me get a shout to my avenue niggas #1 my Nigga Noonz who been recording with me for a bit now, my man Leeno . My young homies CASPER, FRESH and KONSEPTSHUN, and last but def not least CALLI (u need to start recording fam). Peep the singles, yes sir, the rest of the album is a secret but trust me AVE it is real serious.......show your support and go get THE FIRE WITHIN august 18th Soundclick: Sacrafyc Soundclick Downloads Sacrafyc - My World Sacrafyc - Solder Ballad

HipHopAve interview part 2

HipHopAve: what would you say got you into hip hop? Sacrafyc: my brother Cardiac, he been flowing since like 93 and me i was in and out of jail, so he took me a side and told me there was more to the hood then fights and drugs, so i picked up a pen and never looked back, he basically saved my life HipHopAve: so right now, what's your favorite thing about hip hop? Sacrafyc: thats tough because hip hop is fallen off...but i would have to say my favorite thing about hip hop outside of my own career is listening to the future of hip hop there is a lot of starving talent out there, with great and creative ideas, i like listening to those cats, the kids that five years down the road will be my competition, i look at the ave and i see a few kids with the right guidance could do big things ya dig HipHopAve: what would you change about hip hop? Sacrafyc: i would change the get rich or die trying bull shit mentality, im from the hood and real hood niggas dont have 200000 dolla chains and 100000 dollar cars, so all this wannabe rich bullshit, hip hop started with people in the hood tring to geet out of the struggle now itss people struggling to get into the hood..its sad the death of B.IG Pac and Pun changed hip hop HipHopAve: how do you feel about some of the cross-genre artists who are incorporating more and more hip hop into their music? Sacrafyc: i think its great as long as it stays to the elements of hip hop, i think rock/rap is a great combo when done right, but if its not done right its a mess u know, and vice versa when rappers try to do rock , u have to respect the other genre intead of trying to do whats in for the moment ya dig HipHopAve: So what have you been up to lately? Sacrafyc: promoting the new album "THE FIRE WITHIN" shit is coming out crazy it was originally titled "A MAN ON FIRE" but another artist from Boston released the same title so obviously i had to change it

HipHopAve Interview part 1

Artist Interview - Sacrafyc HipHopAve Interviews HipHopAve: Why don't you introduce yourself Sacrafyc: no doubt , this ya boy Sacrafyc repping that C dot P dot Yeah that R-ah and im holding it heavy with my fam at hip hop ave HipHopAve: how long have you been on the Ave? Sacrafyc: i been doing my thing on the ave for about a year now, i slowed down the last few months due to promoting the up coming debut album, ask around the vets know the Boston Bully haha HipHopAve: how long have you been into hip hop? Sacrafyc: shit since i could listen ya dig, i been a fan since adidas with no laced but i officially started the grind with the music in 1998 HipHopAve: and you've been an artist since then or a listener? Sacrafyc: well i started doing the lunch room freestyles and curbside battles in 1998 but i would say i officially started the artist thing in 2000 thats when i started getting real serious. i met Primo from gangstarr and he told me "i got a bright future if i stick eith it" so i did