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Twitter, The Big 2-1, and Cows

I never know whether or not I should put "Jo:" in front of a Tweet before I say it. I would think our fans would appreciate clarification, however I'm the only one who has Twitter set up to my phone; so typically I'm the one who tweets the most. But don't be fooled. Emily and Becky have much more difficult tasks. They deal with Myspace and Facebook, which each are full-time-jobs in and of themselves. (I hear some artists hire outside people to do that for them. Gasp!) No, my job is very easy. For those of you who aren't Twitterers, let me inform you. All I have to do is send a very simple-minded text or two every day about very simple-minded topics. (Examples: Becky's new pair of jeans... what we just ate for lunch at the airport...) However, somehow this task of mine slips my mind and I don't get to it every day. In fact, I just remembered I needed to tweet today and couldn't think of anything interesting or funny to say, so I literally just settled for "Interesting/funny tweet. Right now." I know. Pathetic. It's not funny. But it kind of is. So anyways... just so we're clear, yes... most of the time I am the one who tweets, hence the "Jo:", but don't mistake that for hard work. My sisters are the ones doing the hard work. While they're accepting numerous friend requests, responding to EVERY personal message (from 15,000 friends), posting bulletins, uploading photos and videos, and updating tour dates etc., I am simply texting. Or tweeting. Hopefully almost everyone has seen our most recent YouTube videos. We just had a few shows in Mississippi, and we had many adventures. Just Carter's Chord, our band, and our manager. The highlight of that week was discovering that a cow got loose as WE were getting lost somewhere between Jackson and Laurel. I'll choose to leave you in suspense on how that story ends. You'll just have to go to our YouTube channel and watch CC Mississippi Shows Pt 2 if you're curious. I decided at the end of that trip that I'm a fan of Mississippi, and of our DIY gigs. My favorite shows are the ones where we drive there in our own cars, we sell our own merch and book our own hotels. Those "makeshift" trips are the ones where we make the best memories. And I just have to give a big thank you to everyone for all my birthday wishes. My 21st was fabulous. Margaritas+my sisters+my friends+my man+dancing = gooood times. :) I think this is gonna be a good year. For me, and for Carter's Chord. Well, think that's all for now... Till next time...

PS. To whoever's coming out to CMA Fest this year: we're gonna be doing the fashion show on the 10th, performing at the Sommet Center on the 13th, signing at the GAC booth at the Renaissance Convention Center on the 14th, and last but certainly not least, participating in the 2nd Annual Porter Wagoner Fishing Tournament on the 9th. Oh yea. Fishing... gonna have some good tweets that day.

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