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Backyard Jam!

We gonna have us a Backyard Jam! Grillin' bratworsts and kabobs with some friends and shooting some video.

Excited about Livingroom Concert Series and hopeful that folks will sign up. This will be a series of private performances showcasing homes of JT Hill fans while promoting my music and enjoying a meal. By invitation only, of course.

To volunteer or sign up to host an event contact me at brabblebrum@yahoo.com

-Pieces JT Hill

Chronic Insomniac

Dear Lord why do I do this to myself? Please, let my staying up night after night to promote my music have some real and lasting effect.

For some odd reason, no matter how tired I may be from the events of my daily life, my brain becomes hyperactive after dark. My momma says I have always been like this.

I've written some of my best stuff late at night though. For some reason having to be still and quiet out of respect for my loved ones who are blissfully dreaming the night away in the next room is an extremely creative environment for me. Joanny McArthy, A Twisted Version of My Conformity, and I've Seen Black were all 3 written after midnight. As were many other songs I've written.

I suppose, in some perverse and ironic way, that I should be grateful for the sleepy Lil' Muse who inspires the Chronic Insomniac. However, 3 hours from now, when my baby boy wakes up I probably won't feel very grateful.

Thanks for listening, Travis "JT" Hill rock on!