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About us....

So for those of you who have never seen us play, so far we're a three piece "honky-tonk string-band." That means, we have no drums. It's not that we're trying to prove anything, we just didn't have someone to adiquitely fill the possition when we were putting this little thing together so with Jessica on the stand-up bass, Josh on the Telecaster, I went out and bought me an acoustic electric and shazam!.... COUNTRYSIDE RIDE! We love all things county! (With the exception of that crap they're tryin' to pass off on the radio as) We love Hank, Johnny, Willie, Waylon, ect,.... We play as much as we can from one set shows with multiple bands to 4+hr gigs at many a roadside honky-tonk! We're a country band,... come and see us! We love you long time.