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New Year, New Tunes

Well, 2015 was a very busy and exciting year for us.  We forged a new lineup, recorded a 7 song EP, played a huge festival here in Shreveport with Halestorm, Trapt, Devour the Day, Wayland, Red Sun Rising, and our local brothers in Critical Failure. Participated in an art exhibit that was solely about local musicians, had the opportunity to share the stage with Pop Evil, who had just topped the rock charts with their music, made a lot of new friends, and had a blast.

Now for 2016.  We've took a short live performance hiatus to get through the holidays and work on new music.  Learning some fresh covers that I'm sure everyone will get a kick out of hearing.  In talks with some local production to start on our first music video for this lineup, and also lining up a producer to work with for our next album.  Things are looking good.  

We have a few shows that we can't announce yet, but we'll be sharing all that info soon enough.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter for event info! We're looking forward to rocking your faces off once more this year!



Thank you to EVERYONE who voted for Trepid in the XFEST15 Battle of the Bands! We are very honored to be sharing the stage with Halestorm, Trapt, Otherwise, Devour the Day, Wayland, Red Sun Rising, and our fellow Battle of the Band winners, Critical Failure!

If you haven't bought your XFEST tickets yet, you can still get them. As of today there were only 8 VIP tickets left which gives you private restrooms, bar, and front of stage access! General admission will remain on sale until Sept 11. You can also buy tickets at the gate as well. Find out more info and buy tickets here: http://bit.ly/XFEST15

"Rust" on TheCrush; Upcoming artspace exhibit to feature Trepid!

So a few days ago, we submitted our tunes for consideration to KVGI's The Crush out of Frisco, Texas. Chris and Doc took a listen to our stuff and decided it didn't kill their brains with ear bleedage too badly, therefore they featured "Rust" on their weekly radio show The Crush, wherein fans vote whether to #CrushIt or #FlushIt when a song is played... for more follow http://bit.ly/trepid07162015


We're in the finals! Please vote for us to open at XFest15! If you want to see us rock Festival Plaza on September, use the code word TREPID here when you purchase your XFest tickets: www.eventbrite.com/e/xfest15-tickets-16142363243

If you’ve already purchased a ticket to XFest and still want to vote, never fear! Just shoot an email to 99xtherockstation@gmail.com, they will verify your info and cast the vote toward the band you want.

The lineup for XFest15: Halestorm Trapt OTHERWISE Devour The Day Wayland RED SUN RISING Battle of the Bands Winner #1 Battle of the Bands Winner #2

The deadline for voting is just one month away on July 24!! VOTE NOW! (If we get into the lineup, there will be an EXTRA special giveaway contest... stay tuned!

We've also got 2 shows coming up this week. June 27: The Hangar Bar in Greenville, TX with SHuND performing a one-time reunion show!

July 1: The Brass Monkey in Shreveport with national rockers, Shaman's Harvest! This is a FREE show put on by 99X and we are super stoked! We hope to see ya there!

Contest Time!

Between now and the week of our EP Release, we'll be posting flyers (like real ones, not just ones you see on the interwebs) all around Shreveport. The locations will be listed on our Facebook page, however, in order to be entered into the contest, you must take a photo of yourself (or have a friend take one for you) in front of the flyer at the location, check into the location on Facebook with the hashtag #InHenryWeTrust, and if you can, tag our page as well! Now, every different location check in (meaning you can't post the same location twice), with photo and hashtag gains you an entry into the contest. We will select a winner at random, so the more entries you have the more likely your chance of winning! On the night of the show, we will announce the winner from the stage. The winner will receive a free copy of our EP, their choice of 2 new t-shirt designs, and maybe some other cool new loot. Got it? 1) Find flyer at locations. 2) Take photo at location with flyer. 3) Check in to location on Facebook and share the photo with #InHenryWeTrust. 4) Repeat for each NEW location. 5) Show up to win your prize at the EP Release on June 13th at The Brass Monkey​. Easy peezy! We'll start posting locations tomorrow. In the meantime, if you happen to come upon one of our flyers before then, feel free to start sharing!


Other than having a bad ass lineup at the show last weekend, and rocking out, all was quiet in goat land until we heard the CD's were on their way! Which of course, prompted us to get off our tukuses, and book our release party! We will be playing with Caliber Theory of Dallas, TX and local rockers, Our Precious Demise on June 13th, at The Brass Monkey! Once more, join the event on facebook and invite your mom. She'll dig it. Maybe. In any case, we're just a few short weeks away from the big shebang-a-bang! In the meantime, we'll be playing Clicks Live next Friday night in Tyler, TX with Death Row Bodeen and Alloy. Come out and have some east Texas fun times... We'll see you around and hopefully SOON!


Hey goat heads... just in case you've missed it, there's new music floating around. Give us a listen, share it, and make sure to stop by to say hi and our next show on May 16.

New Music, New Look, New Members

It's been a long run on the Trepid train and there's been a lot of changes in the past few years... First off, new members, Rubee Stew (vocals) and Chris Stewart (drums) have joined the goat herd. Next up, we are currently working on a new EP. Looking at a release date for late May. Keep track of our show dates for the CD release party! Finally, we're revamping our band site. It's gonna be a little cleaner, and we aren't gonna let Henry kick all the hay around it anymore. Stay tuned goat heads! Make sure you're following our page on Facebook as well for the latest updates and silliness.