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Musings 10/1/09

Seat 27d, Cincinnati to Seattle, a fresh copy of James Elroy's newest in hand. All about the corrupt and bloody sixties this time, as opposed to the corrupt and bloody forties and fifties, in which he has previously dwelt. Why does he have to write such fat books? Why do I always find them in airports where I have no room to carry them?

Musings 9/30/09

So, record release day has come and gone, and by all indications I'm still not king of the world. That's OK, I can wait. These things often take time. Mountain Stage was great last night... The folks who put that show together are the best people in the world to work with. Nothing to do today but drive 255 miles to a hotel near the Cincinnati airport and go to sleep. Plus do a phone interview at 2:00. Alright, I can handle that... my kinda day... Later, Chris

Musings from the road

September 29th 2009 Here it is, another one of those Tuesdays that seem superficially innocuous, but is actually RECORD RELEASE DAY. Records always come out on Tuesday, and I didn’t know that until about my tenth one. I think that this is what mothers must feel like…by the time the baby is born it’s already been with the family for nine months. You know it’s important, but no one out there realizes how long it’s been coming. Mountain Stage tonight…one of my favorites, and I think it’s the tenth time I’ve done it, so that’s a marker at least… Later, Chris