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new small project

As some of you may know, I have a theme song. I can't take credit for it, I didn't write it. But, it's awesome.

Actually, it's "I'm Awesome." By Spose. But that was close.

I am planning on making an acoustic version of this song to perform at the next open mic at Petra. I have a backup vocalist. Now I just need one more thing... I'm thinking some sort of xylophone instrument. it's going to be...

well, you know.

Hey! I'm Back!

So I'm actually gonna start doing this. Finally. Now, I know what you're thinking. "She always she's back to do more updates and tell us about her oh-so-interesting life, but she never does!"

Well... yeah, you're right. Except NOW I'm telling the truth.

My latest project has been a bi-monthly (sometimes tri-monthly) appearance at an open mic night hosted at Petra Cafe & Hookah Lounge. It's an awesome little place with cheap drinks, a super laid-back atmosphere, and some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. It's every first and third Saturday of the month (and the fifth, if there is one).

Last night, someone bought me a beer and a shot while I was playing, and she managed to get them to the table that was RIGHT NEXT TO ME and I didn't even notice. She finally had to point it out. As she did that, this guy who complimented my tie ('cause it was extra fly) also bought me a beer. Which is very generous. But you know what it means? It means one of those beers would be warm when I got to it. Too much of a good thing?


Sonic Suffrage

Hey all.

I'll be playing a show on the 29th at Felix's (check my schedule for details), and I just wanted to make everyone aware. Half the proceeds from the show will go to Alive STL, a local organization dedicated to supporting and counseling abused women. It's a great cause, so bring all your friends and hear all the great local music.

Plus, beer.

Have your attention now?

Virgin Blog

...in a totally non-sexual way.

Don't have much to say as of right now, working on getting more material up before I spread the news around about this page. But I will say that thanks to RN, I will spend significantly less time away from the computer now.

Oh well.